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Integrating ONLYOFFICE with Alfresco web-based collaboration environment through a connector, available in the official Alfresco Add-ons directory or on ONLYOFFICE GitHub page, allows you to edit Office documents within the document library.

ONLYOFFICE add-on adds the following features:

  • A new context menu Create new... option within document library.
  • A new Edit in ONLYOFFICE menu option within the document library for Office documents.
  • Convert using ONLYOFFICE option to quickly convert ODT, ODP, ODS, DOC, XLS, PPT files to their Office Open XML counterpart.
  • Co-editing documents in real-time: use two co-editing modes (Fast and Strict), Track Changes, comments, and built-in chat.
  • Editing and viewing the following formats: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX.
    Example_document Example_document

The ONLYOFFICE connector is available for Alfresco v.5.2 - 6.1.

Visit our For Developers page to find out more about the ONLYOFFICE Alfresco module and how it works in details.

Online editors integration

This plugin enables users to edit office documents from Alfresco Share using ONLYOFFICE Docs.

Installing ONLYOFFICE Docs

You will need an instance of ONLYOFFICE Docs that is resolvable and connectable both from Alfresco and any end clients (version 3.0 and later are supported for use with the plugin). If that is not the case, use the official ONLYOFFICE Docs documentation page: ONLYOFFICE Docs for Linux. ONLYOFFICE Docs must also be able to POST to Alfresco directly.

The easiest way to start an instance of ONLYOFFICE Docs is to use Docker Compose.

Installing ONLYOFFICE Alfresco module package

To start using ONLYOFFICE Docs with Alfresco, the following steps must be performed for Ubuntu 14.04:

Steps 1 — 4 are only necessary if you for some reason plan to compile the ONLYOFFICE Alfresco module package yourself (e.g. edit the source code and compile it afterwards). If you do not want to do that and plan to use the already compiled module files, please skip to step 5 directly. The latest compiled package files are available here.
  1. The latest stable Oracle Java version is necessary for the successful build. If you do not have it installed, use the following commands to install Oracle Java 8:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk
  2. Install Maven by running the following command:
    sudo apt install maven
    Installation process of Maven in details is described here.
  3. Download the ONLYOFFICE Alfresco module package source code:
    git clone
  4. Compile packages in the repo and share directories:
    cd onlyoffice-alfresco/
    mvn clean install

    Other way to build ONLYOFFICE Alfresco module package is using docker-compose file.

    Use this command from the project directory:
    docker-compose up
  5. Upload the compiled *.jar packages to directories accordingly for your Alfresco installation:
    • from onlyoffice-alfresco/repo/target/ to the /webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/lib/ for Alfresco repository,
    • from onlyoffice-alfresco/share/target/ to /webapps/share/WEB-INF/lib/ for Share.
      You can download the already compiled package files here and place them to the respective directories.
  6. Make sure that ONLYOFFICE Docs will be able to POST to Alfresco

    You may need to change these lines in<hostname>
    Probably located here /usr/local/tomcat/shared/classes/
  7. Restart Alfresco
    sudo ./ stop
    sudo ./ start

The module can be checked in administrator tools at /share/page/console/admin-console/module-package in Alfresco.

Configuring ONLYOFFICE Alfresco module package

Module configuration can be found inside Alfresco Administration Console or by simply navigating to


In this menu you can edit and specify the following options:

  • Document Editing Service address - specify the URL address on which the Document Editing Server is installed.
  • Secret key - specify the secret used to sign the data. It is the secret to validate the JSON web token in the request to ONLYOFFICE Docs.

    JWT can be configured via configuration page or by adding onlyoffice.jwtsecret in

    The JWT configuration on the ONLYOFFICE Docs side can be found here.
  • Advanced server settings:
    • Document Editing Service address for internal requests from the Alfresco server.
    • Alfresco server address for internal requests from the Document Editing Service.
    • Select the Ignore SSL certificate setting to turn off SSL.
Settings_menu Settings_menu
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