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Download and print your spreadsheet

Download the spreadsheet

To download a spreadsheet in a selected format, you should locally open the file by tapping on it in the On Device section and follow these steps:

  1. tap the Settings icon Settings icon in the right corner of the top toolbar,
  2. tap the Download as Download as... menu item,
  3. tap one of the available file formats: XLSX, PDF, ODS, XLTX, PDF/A, OTS, CSV,
  4. specify the path where the file will be saved.

Print the spreadsheet

To print the current local spreadsheet, opened in the On Device section,

  1. tap the Settings icon Settings icon in the right corner of the top toolbar,
  2. tap the Print Print menu item to enter the preview mode,
  3. at the top of the screen choose either an available Printer or tap on the Save as PDF option to generate a PDF file on the basis of this spreadsheet,
  4. in the drop-down menu Arrow specify the following parametrs:
    • number of copies - enter the required number of copies of the spreadsheet;
    • number of pages - choose either a range of worksheets, filling the textfield in the following way: (e.g. 1-5, 8, 11-13), or tap on each checkbox below to mark the worksheets you want to print;
    • page size - select one of the suggested paper formats;
    • color - choose either black and white print or color print (only for supporting printers);
    • two-sided printing - this option allows to print on both sides of a sheet of papper (only for supporting printers);
    • page orientation - choose from landscape and portrait options,
  5. tap the Print button to initialize printing.
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