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  • Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs using an official ONLYOFFICE connector
  • Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs using WOPI


To edit your documents within SharePoint collaborative platform, you can connect ONLYOFFICE Docs with the document library either via an official ONLYOFFICE connector or using WOPI.

Main features

  • Editing text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using the Edit in ONLYOFFICE option within the context menu of the file and the ribbon (when using an official connector) or clicking the file (when using WOPI).
  • Co-authoring documents in real-time: use two co-editing modes (Fast and Strict with the official connector, Fast only over WOPI), the Track Changes feature, comments, and a built-in chat.
WOPI Warning: Access tokens expire after a certain period of time. Set the access_token_ttl property to 10 hours for the Fast co-editing mode. The Strict co-editing mode might negatively affect the access token parameter.

Supported formats

For the official connector:

  • For viewing and editing: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PPSX.


  • For viewing and editing: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, DOCM, XLSM, PPTM, ODT, ODS, ODP, TXT, CSV.
  • For viewing only: PDF, DJVU, XPS.

Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs using an official ONLYOFFICE connector

The ONLYOFFICE SharePoint integration solution is an official ONLYOFFICE connector available on GitHub page under the GNU AGPL v.3 licence.

To learn more about how it works and how to compile the ONLYOFFICE SharePoint integration solution, please visit our API documentation.

To connect ONLYOFFICE Docs to SharePoint,

  1. Check if you have the following applications installed:
    • ONLYOFFICE Docs: v. 5.4 or higher
    • SharePoint: 2019
    The ONLYOFFICE Docs instance must be resolvable and connectable both from SharePoint and any end clients. ONLYOFFICE Docs must also be able to POST to SharePoint directly. To install ONLYOFFICE Docs, please follow the instructions here.
  2. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, then click Services, and make sure that SharePoint Administration service is started.
  3. Click Start, click SharePoint Management Shell, go to the directory with the .wsp file.
  4. Run the Install.ps1 script:
    PS> .\Install.ps1
  5. Enter your SharePoint site address:
    Instead of steps 3 and 4 you can type the following command:
    Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath<solutionpath>/onlyoffice.wsp

    On the SharePoint Central Administration home page, click System Settings > Farm Management > Manage farm solutions. On the Solution Management page, click onlyoffice.wsp, then click Deploy Solution.

  6. On the SharePoint Central Administration home page, under Application Management, click Manage web applications.
  7. Make sure you select your site and click the Authentication Providers icon.
  8. In the Authentication Providers pop-up window click Default zone.
  9. Under Edit Authentication, check Enable anonymous access and click Save.
  10. Going back to Web Application Management click on the Anonymous Policy icon.
  11. Under Anonymous Access Restrictions select your Zone and set the Permissions to None – No policy and click Save.
  12. In SharePoint open the /_layouts/15/Onlyoffice/Settings.aspx page with administrative settings. Enter the following address:
    Where the documentserver is the name of the server with the ONLYOFFICE Docs installed. The address must be accessible for the user browser and from the SharePoint server. The SharePoint server address must also be accessible from ONLYOFFICE Docs for correct work.
If you have subsites set up with SharePoint, you will need to additionally configure ONLYOFFICE Docs connection with each of them in order for it to work properly. Go to each subsite settings and enter the Docs address to the proper field.

Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs using WOPI

You can also connect ONLYOFFICE Docs with SharePoint over WOPI, a REST-based protocol that issues HTTP requests to a set of REST-endpoints when a client establishes a connection to the server with your data.

Please note that connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs over WOPI lacks in some features due to the WOPI architecture:
  • The editors do not support the Version History feature.
  • No support for the Mail Merge feature.
  • The editors do not support inserting an image from your storage.
  • No support for comparing documents from your storage.
  • No support for the following formats: DOC, XLS, PPT.

To connect ONLYOFFICE to SharePoint over WOPI,

  1. Check that you have the following applications installed:
    • ONLYOFFICE Docs: v. 6.4 or higher
    • SharePoint:
  2. Open your SharePoint server. Run the SharePoint Management Shell console and set the needed WOPI zone with the following command:
    Set-SPWOPIZone -Zone "external-http"
    The documentserver uses the external-http parameter by default.
  3. Run the following command to check whether there are WOPI bindings to other document types on the current farm:
    Delete these bindings, if any, by running the following command:
    Remove-SPWOPIBinding -All:$true
  4. Create new bindings for default actions as per file types. Run the following command to create bindings for all file types at once:
    New-SPWOPIBinding -ServerName ip_or_domain.com:port
    Run the following command to create bindings for particular file types only:
    New-SPWOPIBinding -ServerName ip_or_domain.com:port -Extension DOCX
    If SSL is not used, add -AllowHTTP at the end of the command.
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