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Co-editing spreadsheets in real time

The Spreadsheet Editor allows you to maintain constant team-wide approach to work flow: share files and folders, communicate right in the editor, comment certain parts of your spreadsheets that require additional third-party input, save spreadsheet versions for future use.

In Spreadsheet Editor you can collaborate on spreadsheets in real time using two modes: Fast or Strict.

The modes can be selected in the Advanced Settings. It's also possible to choose the necessary mode using the Co-editing Mode icon on the Collaboration tab of the top toolbar:

Co-editing Mode menu

The number of users who are working on the current spreadsheet is specified on the right side of the editor header - . If you want to see who exactly is editing the file now, you can click this icon or open the Chat panel with the full list of the users.

Fast mode

The Fast mode is used by default and shows the changes made by other users in real time. When you co-edit a spreadsheet in this mode, the possibility to Redo the last undone operation is not available. This mode will show the actions and the names of the co-editors when they are editing the data in cells. Different border colors also highlight the ranges of cells selected by someone else at the moment.

Hover your mouse pointer over the selection to display the name of the user who is editing it.

Strict mode

The Strict mode is selected to hide changes made by other users until you click the Save  icon to save your changes and accept the changes made by co-authors.

When a spreadsheet is being edited by several users simultaneously in the Strict mode, the edited cells are marked with dashed lines of different colors, the tab of the sheet where these cells are situated are marked with red marker. Hover the mouse cursor over one of the edited cells, to display the name of the user who is editing it at the moment.

Coediting Highlighted Selection

As soon as one of the users saves their changes by clicking the icon, the others will see a note in the upper left corner stating that they have updates. To save the changes you made, so that other users can view them, and get the updates saved by your co-editors, click the icon in the left upper corner of the top toolbar.

Live Viewer mode

The Live Viewer mode is used to see the changes made by other users in real time when the spreadsheet is opened by a user with the View only access rights.

For the mode to function properly, make sure that the Show changes from other users checkbox is active in the editor's Advanced Settings.


Portal users who are not registered and do not have a profile are considered to be anonymous, although they still can collaborate on documents. To have a name assigned to them, the anonymous user should enter a name they prefer in the corresponding field appearing in the right top corner of the screen when they open the document for the first time. Activate the “Don’t ask me again” checkbox to preserve the name.

anonymous collaboration

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