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Edit pivot tables

Note: this option is available in the online version only.

You can change the appearance of existing pivot tables in a spreadsheet using the editing tools available at the Pivot Table tab of the top toolbar.

Select at least one cell within the pivot table with the mouse to activate the editing tools at the top toolbar.

Pivot Table tab


Select button allows to select the entire pivot table.

The rows and columns options allow you to emphasize certain rows/columns applying a specific formatting to them, or highlight different rows/columns with the different background colors to clearly distinguish them. The following options are available:

  • Row Headers - allows to highlight the row headers with a special formatting.
  • Column Headers - allows to highlight the column headers with a special formatting.
  • Banded Rows - enables the background color alternation for odd and even rows.
  • Banded Columns - enables the background color alternation for odd and even columns.

The template list allows you to choose one of the predefined pivot table styles. Each template combines certain formatting parameters, such as a background color, border style, row/column banding etc. Depending on the options checked for rows and columns, the templates set will be displayed differently. For example, if you've checked the Row Headers and Banded Columns options, the displayed templates list will include only templates with the row headers highlighted and banded columns enabled.

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