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Connecting Dameng database to ONLYOFFICE Docs

The current guide suggests that a test bench has already been implemented in a separate release/v8.1.0 branch:

Connecting to Dameng server

The Document Server has several variables, DB_TYPE, DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_NAME, DB_PORT, that allow you to customize your database connection. However, currently only MYSQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL are supported officially.

To connect DamengDb, modify the entry point script and add connection conditions and parameters to the initialization entry point script of the Document Server image:

  1. Add new db type:
  2. Add the function of remote database creation:

After these changes have been added to the entry script, the document server is ready to initialize the connection to the database.

Create a simple compose file, in which you specify the necessary variables for the Document Server service:

  • DB_TYPE: damengdb
  • DB_HOST: Name (dns name) of the database service in compose file
  • DB_USER: Username
  • DB_NAME: Database name
  • DB_PORT: Service port with database

Mount the binary directory from the damengdb container so that the document server container has access to the disql utility. Please refer to the docker-compose.yml to learn more.

Running a stand

To start the stand, execute the following commands:

  1. git clone --single-branch --branch release/v8.1.0
  2. cd Docker-DocumentServer/tests/damengdb/
  3. docker compose build
  4. docker compose up -d
The database image must be available on hub.docker. We have uploaded the image v8.1.2.128 for your convenience:
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