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Try in the cloud

Set language and region

To set the formula language and display format for currency, date, time, etc.:

  1. Tap the Tools icon Tools icon at the top toolbar to open the list of available tools and settings.
  2. Tap the Language and Region icon Language and Region menu item.
  3. Open the list of available options in the FORMULA LANGUAGE section and choose the required language.
  4. In the REGIONAL PARAMETERS section enable the Set automatically switch to synchronize your local phone settings with the ONLYOFFICE Documents application

    Set automatically ON


    disable the Set automatically switch to access the regional parameters and set them manually:

    Set automatically OFF

    • Select region - tap this menu item to select the display format for date, time, etc. as per the required region.
    • Set special separators - enable this switch to customize the Decimal and Thousands separators manually. Tap the separator type and enter the required character manually. Leave the switch disabled so that the separator types correspond with the previously selected regional parameters.
  5. The preview for applied settings can be seen below. Configure the settings further to get the required result.
  6. Regional settings Preview

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