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Insert footnotes

You can add footnotes to provide explanations or comments for certain sentences or terms used in your text, make references to the sources etc.

To insert a footnote into your document,

  1. position the insertion point at the end of the text passage that you want to add a footnote to,
  2. tap the Insert object icon at the top toolbar to open the new object insertion panel,
  3. switch to the Other tab tab,
  4. select the Footnote Footnote option.
  5. specify the footnote Format - select the necessary number format from the available ones: 1, 2, 3,..., a, b, c,..., A, B, C,..., i, ii, iii,..., I, II, III,....
  6. use the Start at option to set the number or letter you want to start numbering with.
  7. Set the Location of footnotes on the page selecting one of the available options:
    • Bottom of Page - to position footnotes at the bottom of the page (this option is selected by default).
    • Below Text - to position footnotes closer to the text. This option can be useful in cases when the page contains a short text.
  8. tap the Insert Footnote button.

    The footnote mark (i.e. the superscript character that indicates a footnote) appears in the document text and the insertion point moves to the bottom of the current page.

  9. type in the footnote text.

Repeat the above mentioned operations to add subsequent footnotes for other text passages in the document. The footnotes are numbered automatically.


To remove a single footnote, position the insertion point directly before the footnote mark in the document text and press Delete. Other footnotes will be renumbered automatically.

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