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ONLYOFFICE Mobile web editors for iOS - Overview

You can access your ONLYOFFICE account via your mobile device web browser. In this case, Mobile web editors are used to view and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the Documents module.

Mobile web editors provide a complete toolset of editing features and have an interface which is adapted for working with documents in the mobile device web browser.

Mobile web editors are not available in the free Community version, files will open in the viewing mode only.

Supported devices

The web version runs on all modern smartphones and tablets with iOS.

Connecting to a portal

To log in to your portal,

  1. Open your mobile web browser.
  2. In the browser address bar, enter the portal address in the form portalname.onlyoffice.com or https://portalname.onlyoffice.com.

    To access your Personal office enter personal.onlyoffice.com.

  3. Enter the email address and password you use to access your portal.
  4. Tap the Login button.

After that the portal start page will open where all available modules are displayed. Switch to the Documents module. In your Personal office, the My Documents section will open.

To sign out from your account,

  1. tap your name in the upper right corner
  2. tap the Logout option in the drop-down menu.

Documents module sections

Tap links on the left sidebar to switch between the Documents sections.

Your Portal contains the following sections:

  • My Documents Icon My Documents is a section that contains your personal documents;
  • Shared with Me Icon Shared with Me is a section that contains documents that were shared with you by other portal users;
  • Common Documents Icon Common Documents is a section that contains files and folders available to all portal users;
  • Project Documents Icon Project Documents is a section that contains folders corresponding to existing projects from the portal 'Projects' module;
  • Recycle Bin Icon Recycle Bin is a section where all deleted files are stored and can be permanently deleted later.

Your Personal account contains the My Documents Icon My Documents and Recycle Bin Icon Recycle Bin sections.

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