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How to enable dark theme in ONLYOFFICE Docs?


Working at night in a light interface can be strenuous and cause eye strain. Starting from version 6.3, ONLYOFFICE Docs support both dark and light themes.

The dark theme colors vary from black to light-gray providing a comfortable interface for working at low-light conditions.

To enable the dark theme,

  1. go to the File tab,
  2. open the Advanced Settings section (in the Spreadsheet Editor, select the General subsection),
  3. choose the Dark theme in the Interface theme section,
    How to enable dark theme? How to enable dark theme?
  4. click the Apply button at the bottom of the page.

Now you are all set to continue working comfortably.

How to enable dark theme? Result How to enable dark theme? Result

In the Document Editor you can also enable the Dark mode if you have chosen the Dark interface theme. Go to the View tab and click the Dark document button. Another way to enable the Dark mode is to access the Advanced Settings on the File tab. Check the Turn on document dark mode that becomes active once you set up the Dark interface theme.

How to enable dark mode? Result How to enable dark mode? Result
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