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Protect ranges

The Protect Range option allows you to specify cell ranges that cannot be edited by users without corresponding editing rights that are granted by the creator of the file or a user with full access to it.

To select a range of locked cells a user will be allowed to change:

  1. Click the Protect Range button on the top toolbar of the Protection tab. The Protected Ranges window will open.

    Edit Ranges

  2. Use the Filter drop-down list to choose the required sheet. Click the New button in the Protected Ranges window to select and add a range of cells a user will be allowed to edit.
  3. In the New Range window, type the range Title, and select the range of cells by clicking the Select Range button. Select users to provide access to the range, set their access rights, and click OK to confirm.

    New Range

    The available access rights are Edit and View.
  4. To edit or delete a range, select it in the Protected Ranges window and click the Edit or Delete button accordingly.
  5. Click the Close button in the Protected Ranges window when you are ready.

To learn more about allowing edit ranges, please refer to the following article.

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