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Editing profiles in DocSpace

When you accept an invitation to DocSpace, you can view the Rooms and Archive spaces (they are empty if you are not invited to a room yet) and change your own profile data.

To edit your profile:

  1. Click the Options icon icon next to your name in the lower left corner and select the Profile option or just click your name.
  2. On the My profile page, switch to the necessary tab and change the required data.

User info

  • Edit your name, email or password by clicking the Edit icon icon next to the corresponding field.
    • Name – In a new window, enter the first and last name and click 'Save'.
    • Email – In a new window, enter a new email address and click 'Send'. The activation instructions will be sent to the entered email address.
    • Password – In a new window, click 'Send'. The password change instructions will be sent to the current email address.
      The password CANNOT be less than 8 and more than 30 characters long.
  • Select the account language.
  • Change the profile photo. Click the Actions Icon Personal button at the bottom of the current profile photo to upload another one (JPG or PNG, max 1 MB) and select the image area that will be displayed as your avatar photo.
    Editing profiles Editing profiles

Login tab

  • When two-factor authentication by an authenticator app is enabled by the administrator, the Two-factor authentication section is available.

    Click Show backup codes, to open the backup codes in a new window. You can use the backup codes when you don't have access to your mobile device. Print the backup codes clicking the corresponding button and use them when necessary. To get new codes you can use the Request new button. Only codes which was generated last are valid. It's also possible to reset the application using the Reset application link and then connect a new authenticator app.

  • The Connect your social networks section allows connecting third-party services to log in to your portal quickly. In the SaaS version, Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are available by default. In the server version, the services must be previously connected by the administrator in the DocSpace settings. Integration with Zoom is currently available in the server version only.

    Click the necessary service. In the opened window, enter the account credentials, if it's necessary, and allow the ONLYOFFICE application to access your account.

  • Manage active sessions (to close active connections on other devices).

Notifications tab

  • Enable or disable switchers for different notification types. Notifications allow you to get badges about new actions with files in rooms (badges are displayed in the left-side menu) as well as email messages about rooms activity (hourly notifications), news and events (dayly notifications), tips and tricks.
    Editing profiles Editing profiles

File management tab

  • The room manager settings allow you to control working with documents within rooms and the Documents section. These settings are available for the owner, DocSpace admins, room admins and power users only.
    File management File management

Interface theme tab

  • Select the preferred interface theme: System (to automatically switch between the light and dark themes when your system does), Light, or Dark.
    Editing profiles Editing profiles

You can also delete your account and all data stored in it. Click the Options icon icon next to the My profile caption on the top of the page and select the Delete profile option. An email will be sent to the linked email address with instructions on how to delete the account.

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