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ACOTH Function

The ACOTH function is one of the math and trigonometry functions. It is used to return the inverse hyperbolic cotangent of a number.

The ACOTH function syntax is:


where x is a numeric value less than -1 or greater than 1 entered manually or included into the cell you make reference to.

To apply the ACOTH function,

  1. select the cell where you wish to display the result,
  2. click the Insert function
    icon situated at the top toolbar,
    or right-click within a selected cell and select the Insert Function option from the menu,
    or click the
    icon situated at the formula bar,
  3. select the Math and trigonometry function group from the list,
  4. click the ACOTH function,
  5. enter the required argument,
  6. press the Enter button.

The result will be displayed in the selected cell.

ACOTH Function

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