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Try in the cloud
Try in the cloud

Adjusting the room manager settings

The room manager settings allow you to control working with documents within rooms. These settings are available for the owner, DocSpace admins, room admins and power users only.

To open the room manager settings, click the Options icon icon next to your name in the lower left corner and select the Profile option or just click your name. Switch to the File management tab. The following options are available:

  • Don't ask file name again on creation - is used when creating new files. When this option is enabled, a default name will be assigned to the file. If this option is disabled, the user will be able to enter own file name.
  • Save the file copy in the original format as well - is used when uploaded files are other than .docx/.xlsx/.pptx. When this option is enabled, it allows you to add a converted file as a new separate file. If this option is disabled, a converted file will be added as a new revision of the original file.
  • Display notification when moving items to Trash - is used to hide or show notifications when elements are moved to the Trash.
Room manager settings Room manager settings
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