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ONLYOFFICE Docs v8.1 ONLYOFFICE Docs changelog

Version 8.1.1

Release date: 07/15/2024

Version 8.1.0

Release date: 06/19/2024

Version 8.0.1

Release date: 02/26/2024

Version 8.0.0

Release date: 01/30/2024

Version 7.5.1

Release date: 11/08/2023

Version 7.5.0

Release date: 10/17/2023

Version 7.4.1

Release date: 07/31/2023

Version 7.4.0

Release date: 06/13/2023

Version 7.3.3

Release date: 03/15/2023

Version 7.3.2

Release date: 02/14/2023

Version 7.3.0

Release date: 01/31/2023

Version 7.2.2

Release date: 12/20/2022

Version 7.2.1

Release date: 10/21/2022

Version 7.2.0

Release date: 09/22/2022

Version 7.1.1

Release date: 06/02/2022

Version 7.1.0

Release date: 05/12/2022

Version 7.0.1

Release date: 02/22/2022

Version 7.0.0

Release date: 01/18/2022

Version 6.4.2

Release date: 10/14/2021

Version 6.4.1

Release date: 09/28/2021

Version 6.4.0

Release date: 08/26/2021

Version 6.3.2

Release date: 08/10/2021

Version 6.3.1

Release date: 06/08/2021

Version 6.3.0

Release date: 05/20/2021

Version 6.2.2

Release date: 04/19/2021

Version 6.2.1

Release date: 03/31/2021

Version 6.2.0

Release date: 03/01/2021

Version 6.1.1

Release date: 01/28/2021

Version 6.1.0

Release date: 12/02/2020

Version 6.0.2

Release date: 11/12/2020

Version 6.0.1

Release date: 10/28/2020

Version 6.0.0

Release date: 10/14/2020

Version 5.6.5

Release date: 09/21/2020

Version 5.6.4

Release date: 09/08/2020

Version 5.6.3

Release date: 08/17/2020

Version 5.6.2

Release date: 08/07/2020

Version 5.6.1

Release date: 08/05/2020

Version 5.6.0

Release date: 07/29/2020

Version 5.5.3

Release date: 05/22/2020

Version 5.5.1

Release date: 04/09/2020

Version 5.5.0

Release date: 03/05/2020

Version 5.4.2

Release date: 11/27/2019

Version 5.4.1

Release date: 10/02/2019

Version 5.4.0

Release date: 09/03/2019

Version 5.3.4

Release date: 07/16/2019

Version 5.3.2

Release date: 06/24/2019

Version 5.3.1

Release date: 06/06/2019

Version 5.3.0

Release date: 05/28/2019

Version 5.2.8

Release date: 02/05/2019

Version 5.2.7

Release date: 01/16/2019

Version 5.2.6

Release date: 12/25/2018

Version 5.2.4

Release date: 12/12/2018

Version 5.2.3

Release date: 10/31/2018

Version 5.2.2

Release date: 10/05/2018

Version 5.2.0

Release date: 09/28/2018

Version 5.1.5

Release date: 07/18/2018

Version 5.1.4

Release date: 05/24/2018

Version 5.1.3

Release date: 04/27/2018

Version 5.1.2

Release date: 04/11/2018

Version 5.1.1

Release date: 04/05/2018

Version 5.1.0

Release date: 03/28/2018

Version 5.0.7

Release date: 01/16/2018

Version 5.0.6

Release date: 12/11/2017

Version 5.0.5

Release date: 11/28/2017

Version 5.0.4

Release date: 11/14/2017

Version 5.0.3

Release date: 11/02/2017

Version 5.0.2 SaaS only

Release date: 10/13/2017

Version 5.0.1 SaaS only

Release date: 10/05/2017

Version 5.0.0 SaaS only

Release date: 09/23/2017

Version 4.4.4

Release date: 09/13/2017

Windows-only release

See changelog on GitHub

Version 4.4.3

Release date: 08/14/2017

Version 4.4.2

Release date: 07/24/2017

Version 4.4.1

Release date: 07/05/2017

Version 4.3.6

Release date: 06/14/2017

Version 4.3.5

Release date: 06/05/2017

Version 4.3.4

Release date: 05/16/2017

Version 4.3.3

Release date: 04/28/2017

Version 4.3.2

Release date: 04/17/2017

Version 4.3.1

Release date: 04/06/2017

Version 4.3.0

Release date: 04/03/2017

Version 4.2.11

Release date: 03/13/2017

Version 4.2.10

Release date: 02/20/2017

Version 4.2.9

Release date: 02/14/2017

Version 4.2.8

Release date: 02/06/2017

Version 4.2.7

Release date: 02/01/2017

Version 4.2.5

Release date: 01/16/2017

Version 4.2.4

Release date: 01/09/2017

Version 4.2.3

Release date: 12/23/2016

Version 4.2.2

Release date: 12/21/2016

Version 4.2.1

Release date: 12/06/2016

Version 4.2.0

Release date: 12/01/2016

Version 4.1.8

Release date: 11/03/2016

Version 4.1.7

Release date: 11/01/2016

Version 4.1.6

Release date: 10/26/2016

Version 4.1.5

Release date: 10/13/2016

Version 4.1.4

Release date: 10/07/2016

Version 4.1.3

Release date: 09/28/2016

Version 4.1.2

Release date: 09/22/2016

Version 4.0.3

Release date: 08/04/2016

Version 4.0.2

Release date: 08/03/2016

ONLYOFFICE Groupsv12.6.0 ONLYOFFICE Groups changelog

Version 12.6

Release date: 02/29/2024

General portal changes

  • Edited sources build.
  • Removed mail services transferred to a separate repository.
  • Hidden tariff for 1 and 3 years in SaaS.
  • Fixed issue when the ‘With opportunities’ filter does not display contacts that are specified as primary ones in Opportunities but are not specified on the Participants tab.
  • Fixed issue when the drop-down menu in the counter of the space occupied by a user goes out of the browser frame.
  • Added the ‘Copy email’ button for actions with user’s email.
  • Fixed issue when some GUI elements are displayed incorrectly when increasing the font in the browser settings.
  • Fixed issue when the ‘Color’ caption in the calendar editing window from the ‘Other Calendars’ list is formatted in bold.
  • Fixed issue when the uploaded contact logo does not displayed in the contact list.
  • Fixed issue with using the system theme by default for new users.
  • Fixed issue when the filter by group does not work.
  • Fixed issue when the request to upload an image to the server can be performed without cookie.
  • Fixed issue when the ‘Folder title’ field is missing in the ‘Change connection settings’ window for some third-party storages.
  • Fixed issue with an excess dividing line in the menu for a deactivated external link.
  • Fixed issue when the ‘Advanced settings’ menu differs in the Sharing Settings window of the manager and in the editor in the Common documents.
  • Added the ability to restrict access rights to the application files for the Others group.
  • Fixed issue with redirect to the portal main page when opening Control Panel after a day on Ubuntu 22.10.
  • Fixed the Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability.
  • Fixed the 'Could not resolve current tenant' error when exporting a large number of contacts.
  • Fixed issue when the password recovery link does not work in EU and SG regions.
  • Replaced the mysql_native_password authorization plugin with a modern one.
  • Fixed issue with the ability to send requests to ApiSystem when expanding the default machinekey.
  • Implemented the recalculation progress bar.
  • Fixed issue when the “To” time is set incorrectly when selecting an area for an event in the Day, Week viewing mode.
  • Fixed issue with the direct link to connect Gmail Gmail via oauth (addons/mail/oauth.aspx).
  • Fixed issue with the XSS in the “Your subscription has expired” banner.
  • Fixed issue with the XSS sent in the attachment file is triggered.
  • Fixed issue when the page scrolls down when clicking Home/End in the search field (toolbar).
  • Fixed issue when Open Redirect is possible for an authentication link (refererurl) on the portal.
  • Fixed issue when the quick external link is available for administrators only.
  • Fixed issue with the 'Account' error when trying to log in as a blocked user.
  • Fixed issue when there is an ability to send the Change Email message to any participant under the user.
  • Fixed issue when logout from the portal occurs for the administrator logged in as a user when performing the ‘Log out from all active connections’ action.
  • Fixed issue when old indexes are not removed when upgrading the Elasticsearch version.
  • Fixed issue when the onlyofficeAutoCleanUp service is not removed after updating to v.12.5.
  • Fixed the "/uploadComplete 500" error when uploading an archive.
  • Fixed issue when the large backup file is not removed from S3.
  • Fixed issue when the PUT /api/2.0/settings/modetheme.json 401 (Unauthorized) error appears in the console when opening a folder via the external link if the dark theme is set in the system.
  • Fixed issue when the size of the created file is added to the statistics of the administrator who performed the backup after performing backup.
  • Fixed issue when the XSS is triggered by a direct link to a malicious SVG file.
  • Updated versions of all related components to the actual ones (nodejs, python, PostgreSQL).
  • Fixed issue when the VC++ 2015 additional packages are not updated for older versions (Windows).
  • Fixed issue with the HTML injection in the Recover Access message (Administrator Message Settings).
  • Reduced the number of characters displayed in the action button title for the parent folder.
  • Fixed the "undefined (reading 'response')" error in the console when opening the Controls section.
  • Fixed issue when the page title does not return to the default value from Common Settings.
  • Fixed issue when the text in the URL bar blends into the background if the portal dark theme is set.
  • Fixed the "/imagescss/quotebord-b.gif 404 (Not Found)" error when quoting a message.
  • Fixed issue when closing / opening a task fails with the following error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'unselectable')" onChrome.
  • Fixed the "ASC.Api.Exceptions.ItemNotFoundException (0x80004005): Item not found" error in logs after removing a project.
  • Fixed issue with the XSS via a direct link to the uploaded malicious file on the Wiki page.
  • Fixed issue with the XSS uploaded files in the forum topic.
  • Fixed the "/Images/volume.svg 404 (Not Found" error when opening an audio file.
  • Fixed issue when the Actions button for the parent folder no longer appears after deleting a subfolder via the Actions menu for the parent folder in the ‘Shared with me’ section.
  • Fixed issue with the ‘Sharing settings’ option in the drop-down menu for the parent folder with external access.
  • Fixed issue with the ‘Sharing settings’ option in the drop-down menu for the parent folder for a Guest in the ‘Shared with me’ section.
  • Fixed issue when the Actions menu button on the Participants tab of the main contact disappears after clicking.
  • Fixed issue when the function to reset the application is not displayed in the user profile if his IP address is listed in exceptions.
  • Fixed issue when the .sxc, .et, .ett, .sxi, .dps, .dpt, .sxw, .stw, .wps, .wpt formats are not converted via the manager.
  • Fixed issue when the .sxi format is not supported.
  • Fixed issue when there are no icons for the .sxc, .et, .ett, .sxi, .dps, .dpt, .sxw, .stw, .wps, .wpt formats.
  • Fixed issue when search by folder contents cannot be performed in the ‘Create form template from file’ window.
  • Fixed issue when the ‘Create form template from file’ window does not correspond to layouts.
  • Fixed issue when the authorization page uses the system theme, regardless of the one selected in the profile.
  • Fixed issue with the ‘Delete’ button in the menu of the parent folder for a third-party storage folder.
  • Fixed issue when the files moved from ‘My Documents’ to Google Drive are displayed in the ‘Common’ section in the statistics.
  • Fixed issue when the ‘No files in this folder’ placeholder does not appear after moving all files from a subfolder with external access.
  • Fixed issue when the folder deleted via the parent folder menu appears again on the ‘Shared with me’ page.
  • Fixed issue with the ‘Back’ button in a subfolder with external access via an inherited link.
  • Edited the Twitter functionality description.
  • Fixed the ‘An item with the same key has already been added.’ error when clicking the ‘Common’ folder counter on the user’s portal.
  • Fixed issue when an empty folder with the same name is duplicated when uploading from the local disk using the drag’n’drop method.
  • Fixed the "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection." error in svcIndexer.data.log.
  • Fixed issue when all sessions are not logged out when changing an email by the portal administrator.
  • Fixed issue when the Mail Server data (connected domains and mailboxes) is not saved in the backup.
  • Fixed issue when the disk space quota is displayed in the profile under the user without rights.
  • Fixed issue when it’s possible to create a user on a custom mail domain without setting a password.
  • Fixed issue when the Imap Sync icon wraps to a new line when reducing the browser window (or setting Zoom to 200%).
  • Fixed issue with an incoming event less than 30 minutes long from Google or Outlook comes with the wrong time (-1 hour).
  • Fixed issue when emails from the custom domain are not sent after restoring the portal from SaaS to the server version.
  • Fixed issue when the MX record is not updated after restoring the portal.
  • Updated incorrect links.
  • Fixed issue when the date in the CRM filter is limited to December 2023.
  • Fixed issue when creating a document in a task is performed with the following error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'document')".
  • Fixed issue when the ICS file contains an incorrect PRODID attribute.
  • Fixed issue when backup to Google Cloud fails when enabling Public Access Prevention.
  • Fixed issue with endless loading Portal memory quota.
  • Fixed issue when the user who does not have access to the Community module can download any file from the Wiki.
  • Fixed issue with the black portal logo in the PDF Editor with the light theme.
  • Fixed issue when the /api/2.0/portal/startbackup method allows creating backup in My Documents.
  • Fixed issue when the POST /ajaxpro/ASC.Web.UserControls.Bookmarking.BookmarkingUserControl,ASC.Web.Community.ashx method allows a user who does not have access to the Community module to create a bookmark.
  • Fixed issue when the /api/2.0/security/activeconnections/logout/{loginEventId} method is available to users who do not have administrator rights.
  • Removed/replaced ONLYOFFICE Sample Form (.oform) on the portal.
  • Fixed error when converting XML.
  • Fixed issue with the loader when hovering over the Actions button of the parent folder again after deleting a subfolder via the same menu.
  • Added a new icon for the PDF Editor.
  • Filling out PDF instead of OFORM is now used.
  • Conversion DOCXF to OFORM is no longer supported.
  • Added templates for empty files in ar-SA and sr-Latn-RS.
  • The history when sharing for external users is now available only to authorized users.
  • Closed the functionality for copying text from the editor when the DenyDownload option is set for a file.
  • Fixed the ability to enable recaptcha for the login page. Added the description to the Help Center.
  • Added display of an error in the title of the landing page for an external link to a file when access to it is closed.
  • Edited the birthday page for several birthdays on the same day with long titles.
  • Fixed bugs related to the dark theme.
  • Fixed the bug with the ability to select several answers when voting in a poll with only one choice.
  • Completely removed Twitter from CRM.
  • Fixed the GetByFilter method (the target parameter was not passed into the request).
  • Fixes for compatibility with DocSpace.
  • Fixed the “ArgumentOutOfRangeException: The absolute expiration value must be in the future” error when specified zero blocking time.
  • Added the .mhtml format icon.
  • Added setting focus to the password field.

Documents module

  • File formats of the OOXML group (docm dotm dotx potm potx ppsm pptm xlsm xltm xltx) are opened for editing without conversion to docx, xlsx, pptx. They will be available for encryption in Private rooms. Now it’s also possible to share files for commenting – docm dotm dotx potm potx ppsm pptm xlsm xltm xltx, for reviewing – docm dotm dotx, for a custom filter – xlsm xltm xltx.
  • Added opening for new formats: sxc, et, ett, sxi, dps, dpt, sxw, stw, wps, wpt (Docs v7.4 required).
  • Conversion when loading and before opening a non-OOXML format is now performed to the ooxml format (not to docx, xlsx, pptx depending on the type). This way the files will be converted to the format selected by DS. For example, if the doc file contains a macros, it will be converted to docm, not to docx.
  • Users with access for reading are transferred to the editor to be able to specify full access to the protected region in the spreadsheet (Docs v7.4 required).
  • When adding data to a spreadsheet via an external link to another spreadsheet, the update is available from the edited file (Docs v7.5 required).
  • Added the ability to open the editor for an external data source spreadsheet in a new tab if the data is inserted to the spreadsheet via an external link (Docs v7.5 required).
  • Added templates for empty files for si-LK, ar-SA and sr-Latn-RS cultures.
  • Added new formats for generating thumbnails.
  • Added uiTheme in Desktop v7.5 when portal:login (The color of the connected portal tab does not correspond to the interface theme).
  • Generating a form template from a local DOCX file.
  • Added a drop-down list with actions for a parent folder.
  • Added a filter to the fileselector.
  • The pdf format is now considered as fillable one instead of oform.
  • Removed docxf to oform conversion.

Mail module

  • Fixed an error in recording auto-reply parameters in email services. Due to this error, a user accidentally did not receive emails if there was an overdue auto-reply.
  • Fixed SQL requests for calculating counters of read messages in folders.
  • Fixed SQL requests for working with emails in custom folders (moving/removing/adding tags).
  • Fixed issue when the Mail Server data (connected domains and mailboxes) is not saved in the backup.

Control Panel

  • Added the ability to restrict access rights to the application files for the Others group.
  • Fixed issue with redirect to the portal main page when opening Control Panel after a day on Ubuntu 22.10.
  • Fixed retrieving data error when opening the backup page.
  • Fixed issue when backup with Mail is not performed after disabling and enabling encryption (added text about stopping services and the instruction to the Help Center).
  • Fixed issue when features are not saved to the new tariff when setting a quota for the portal.
  • Edited sources build.

Version 12.5.2

Release date: 05/17/2023


  • Added conversion of dps, dpt, et, ett, htm, mhtml, stw, sxc, sxi, sxw, wps, wpt, and xlsb files to supported formats.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the bug in People when the window width is reduced, the Interface Theme and Contact Information would arrange incorrectly;
  • Fixed the bug when an uploaded folder would appear only after reloading the page;
  • Fixed the bug in CRM when address would not appear in the Invoice generated through the Invoice tab on the contact page;
  • Fixed the bug in Calendar when an event from an attached ics file would not synchronize via the CalDAV protocol;
  • Increased horizontal scroll in Desktop editors when connected to a portal;
  • Fixed the bug in People when Show backup codes button would not work;
  • Fixed the bug with downloading letters for LDAP users;
  • Fixed bugs with installation/upgrade on Windows Server 2012;
  • Fixed the inability to download a >5 MB file from an external access folder;
  • Added translation of comments in source code into English;
  • Fixed styles for Dark mode;
  • Fixed styles for SSO;
  • Refactoring of AutoCleanUp;
  • Fixed dependency installation for python version 3.11 or later;
  • Fixed moving backup file after backup to s3;
  • Quota: fixed SetTenantQuotaRow function;
  • Refactoring of DbManager.

Version 12.5.1

Release date: 05/16/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the bug when editors did not open (Error 500. Internal server error) when external sharing is disabled;
  • Fixed the bug with Warning! Connection is lost appearing upon restoring version from editor while file is being edited;
  • Fixed the bug when pressing Enter while creating an external link in the editor would also close the Sharing Setting window;
  • Fixed the bug in Mail when the file selection window wouldn't expand when many folders are opened;
  • Fixed the bug in Calendar when Invitations and cancellations are not sent for an event created in another calendar using a CalDAV link;
  • Fixed the bug in Calendar when the Create button would not close after changing the year or month;
  • Fixed the bug in CRM when a reset filter is reactivated on subsequent page transitions;
  • Added the ability in CRM to create a company to which another company is linked via the personList field;
  • Replaced the 'important' icon in a contact's history;
  • Fixed an error when updating a database with a missing stamp column;
  • Fixed the Error 500. Internal server error when going to user's LDAP profile;
  • Fixed the bug with infinite loading of files when creating them in a private room;
  • Fixed the bug with incorrect width of text fields on the Settings > Integration > SSO (SaaS) page;
  • Fixed the bug when Restore default settings action would work incorrectly for LDAP Settings (SaaS);
  • Fixed the bug when synchronization with the LDAP server is enabled, the "+" sign is removed from the Primary Mobile Phone attribute in the user card (SaaS);
  • Fixed the bug when Dropdown menu styles in LDAP Settings > Auto Sync are not adapted to dark theme (SaaS);
  • Fixed the bug with RabbitMQ not starting;
  • Fixed numerous bugs for API documentation;
  • Fixed backup for s3: split large file uploads into pieces;
  • User contact data template for telegram has been changed, now it is a http://t.me/{0} link with username substitution;
  • Added redirect to the wrongportalname website page with the referer parameter (for correct operation when transferring the region from com to the co domain);
  • Blocked display of user statistics until Quota is recalculated;
  • Added user recalculation by portal to Quota;
  • Improvements for building server versions.

Version 12.5

Release date: 03/14/2023

General portal changes

  • Logins and user actions can now be stored to syslog via nlog.
  • Removed the unused 'department' column from the 'core_user' Sql table.
  • Optimized backup.
  • Removed the unused 'SendNoticeCallback' parameter.
  • Updated nlog to v5.0.0.
  • Added the ability to log in via SaslMechanismNtlm to SMTP settings.
  • Added new icons for placeholder pages.
  • Added the ability to set the number of login attempts, blocking time, and check period.
  • Added the ability to set allowed IP addresses for users and admins separately in the IP Security setting. Added support for CIDR masking.
  • Added API methods for changing email/password without email activation.
  • Added the ability to set trusted IP addresses for which two-factor verification will not be performed, as well as to add users or groups for which two-factor verification will be performed. Added support for CIDR masking.
  • Added the ability to add self-signed certificate for SSO, WebDAV.
  • Optimized Feed operation.
  • Changed settings for connecting third-party storages. Added tooltips for fields. Added the 'Server Side Encryption Method' block for Amazon AWS S3.
  • Added Dark theme.
  • Added logos for dark theme in the White Labeling section. Logos for the About page are now moved to the Control Panel.
  • Added the new 'Lead' field to the team template.
  • Added Impersonation Settings which allow the portal owner and full access administrators to log in to the portal on behalf of any user.
  • Added the ability to set the password maximum length.
  • Added the ability to set the memory quota for users.
  • Added the ability to recalculate the space used by users.
  • Added policies for working with third-party services, such as bar, helpcenter, moneyconverter. Policies unclude Retry policy, Timeout policy, Circuit policy.

Documents module

  • Added thumbnails adaptive layout.
  • Improved conversion of password protected files.
  • Add the ability to upload a structure of empty folders via drag-and-drop.
  • Hidden Private Room in dialog windows for files/folders selection.
  • Added empty file templates in Armenian, Basque, and Malay.
  • Removed Wordpress, EasyBib from the Third-Party services settings.
  • Fixed the issue when documents, spreadsheets, presentations created in Google Drive are not correctly recognized when opening on the portal.
  • Errors are now displayed on the DeepLink page.
  • Added the ability to create multiple external links to files and folders.
  • Added the ability to set password protection for external links.
  • Added the ability to set time limit for external links.
  • Added the ability to insert data from a third-party source to a spreadsheet (compartible with Docs v.7.3).
  • Common viewer is used instead of live viewer for anonymous users.
  • Added the mobile view for the Sharing settings dialog window in the flat mode.

Calendar module

  • Moved scripts from the client to the .cs file.

Mail module

  • Changed the request type of the mail/filters/check API method from GET to POST.
  • Added the ability to log in via SaslMechanismNtlm.
  • Added the Drafts folder synchronization for ImapSync.

CRM module

  • Added the Angolan Kwanza (AOA) non-convertible currency.
  • Added the Venezuelan Bolivar Soberano (VES) convertible currency.

Control Panel

  • Changed API methods for migration, implemented progressQueue.
  • Changed settings for connecting third-party storages. Added tooltips for fields. Added the 'Server Side Encryption Method' block for Amazon AWS S3.
  • Added logos for dark theme in the Branding section. Logos for the About page are now separate fields in the Advanced tab.
  • Added the ability to set the portal memory quota.

Version 12.1.0

Release date: 10/03/2022

General portal changes

  • Fixed issue with processing mail messages containing a calendar event in the attachment.
  • Fixed issue with group filtering.
  • Fixed issue with loading of the currency convertor in CRM Opportunities.
  • Fixed issue with synchronizing between portal and mail client when grouping email chains.
  • Fixed issue with synchronizing between portal and mail client when filtering emails.
  • Fixed issue with Mail Services when installing on Ubuntu 22.04.
  • Fixed issue with Redis and MySQL service dependencies in the systemd service files.
  • Fixed issue with functioning of the god service /etc/god/conf.d/services.god.
  • Fixed issue with installing on Ubuntu via Hetzner hosting.
  • Updated mysql-apt-config package.
  • Fixed issue with opening a document after successful 2FA authorization.
  • Fixed issue with sending notification emails about updates in the calendar event when changing it through the editing window.
  • Fixed issue with deleting a folder with several emails.
  • Fixed issue with unread/read emails when synchronizing between portal and mail client.
  • Fixed issue with installing a DEB package on Ubuntu 20.04 and Debian 10.
  • Fixed SSL issues with WarmUp of Docker installations under https when restarting the container.
  • API methods for changing email/password without mail activation added.
  • The autocomplete="new-password" attribute is set in the password setting field when creating a user.
  • Fixed displaying of the notification window for unactivated emails.
  • Fixed Feed styles for mobile devices.
  • API rebranding methods (for the default tenant) are available only to the administrator.
  • Updated MySQL version to 8.0.30.
  • Added mysql-apt-config update.
  • Added automatic getting of the MySQL repository version.
  • Corrected OCI for Ubuntu 22.04.
  • Fixed restart confirmation for Ubuntu Jammy.
  • Fixed and updated Node.js installation for Ubuntu Jammy.
  • Fixed and updated MySQL installation for Ubuntu Jammy.
  • Added always restart for Node.js/DotNet services.
  • Removed restart of mail services by using the god service.
  • Updated monoserve.service.

Documents module

  • Added push notifications for events related to folders and files. Subscription/unsubscription within mobile applications.

Mail module

  • Added functionality for receiving emails from custom folders and their synchronization with the Mail Server for ImapSync.
  • Fixed issue with emails moved to the custom folder.
  • Fixed issue with synchronizing between portal and mail client when making changes in the client.
  • Fixed issue with lost email in the web when moving it to the custom folder in the synchronized email client.
  • Fixed issue marking an email as important when sending/receiving it from a custom mailbox.

Version 12.0.1

Release date: 08/08/2022

General portal changes

  • Fixed issue with deep linking.
  • Fixed Migration feature.
  • Storing indexing status as a list instead of a field for ElasticSearch API.
  • Enhanced Backup service.
  • Fixed unavailable Feed after data restoring.
  • Fixed invalid ‘Fork me on GitHub’ button link in the Sample.
  • Portal users and guests are no more able to make the API SMTP settings request.
  • Fixed issue with displaying a new company name (after changing White Label settings) in the password change emails and other similar requests.
  • Personal user info is hidden from those who has no access to the People module.
  • A drop-down menu in the calendar added when clicking on a month/year.
  • Displaying an input cursor in the search bar when filtering with a drop-down list of users.

Server installations

  • Removed storage_root parameter when starting Mail services.
  • Fixed dotnet dependency installation.
  • Fixed msttcore-fonts installation.
  • Upgraded elasticsearch to version 7.16.3 in packages.
  • Fixed memory allocation for elasticsearch.
  • Fixed issue with config files after updating on Windows.
  • Fixed issue with security configs when making GET requests.
  • Fixed issue with mail services when installing on RedHat 8.6 and Centos 8.

Documents module

  • Changed frequency of displaying a hint page when opening a file in Private Room from the web version.
  • Updated layout of the files list due to new Favorites icons.
  • Restriction to open DOC files for editing on mobile devices.
  • Added new filtering parameters searchInContent and withSubfolders to API methods.
  • Changed type of some API methods from GET to PUT/POST.
  • Users and their emails are not displayed in mentions if there isn’t access to the People module.

Mail module

  • Added ‘On top’ button when zooming in empty folders.
  • Fixed issue with sending an email with a link to a non-editable file in the trial portal version.
  • Fixed DOCXF and OFORM icons when attaching files as a link.
  • Fixed issue with forwarding emails added to the Templates.
  • Fixed issue with filter settings.
  • Fixed issue with selecting emails as read/unread.
  • Fixed issue with the pop-up notification about a disabled account when printing out emails.
  • Fixed issue with re-opening of email signature settings.
  • Fixed issue with using the filter when selecting a date by custom period.
  • Fixed issue with downloading a file when clicking on the .docxf/.oform format link in Chrome.

Projects module

  • Fixed issue with displaying the Time Tracking entry after its creation.
  • Fixed issue with closing CKEditor window after editing a task title.
  • Restriction of using XSS script in the milestone title.
  • Restriction of using XSS script in the Gantt Chart status.
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect link to the re-opened task in Telegram notifications.
  • Fixed issue with custom task status when re-opening it.
  • Administrator is automatically added to the project team when administrator assigns a task to themselves.
  • Fixed issue with filtering overdue milestones.
  • Fixed issue with filtering tasks when changing the Responsible: Me filter.
  • Fixed displaying of date format in Gantt Chart to match the format set on the portal.

People module

  • Fixed Active connections check.
  • Fixed issue with generating a CardDav book in case user emails contain capital letters.
  • Updated drop-down tooltip when setting a password.
  • Fixed issue with the https link in the invitation email when importing users.

CRM module

  • Restriction of using XSS script in the Products & Services settings.
  • Fixed issue with the drop-down list in Invoices when page scrolling.
  • Removed ‘Show total amount’ link for deals without a budget.

Calendar module

  • Updated functionality of attaching files from the Documents module.
  • Restriction to access events of other users using the historybyid.json method.
  • Fixed issue with unsubscribing from the event.
  • Restriction of using XSS script in To-do list.
  • Fixed issue with the doubled window in the mini-calendar when selecting a month/year.
  • Fixed issue with the CalDav link when the HTTPS certificate is activated.

Control Panel

  • Fixed issue with brand logos after updating in the Docker installation.
  • Fixed issue with data import from Google Workspace in case the archive contains incorrect meta-information files.

Version 12.0

Release date: 05/25/2022

General portal changes

  • Added the ability to connect apps for authorization via AppleId and Microsoft.
  • Changed keys for authorization via Twilio.
  • Changed keys for authorization via bitly.
  • Added the portal name in logs.
  • Updated to CKEditor v4.16.1, added new styles for TextCut and Magicline.
  • Edited bottom paddings in the layout.
  • Redesigned Feed and Mail drop-down lists.
  • Redesigned textarea for the Chrome browser.
  • Added a new page with UserVisits information in ASC.Web.Stat.
  • Disabled Community module by default for new portals.
  • Updated default image for the authorization page.
  • Default logo for the About page cannot be changed by an administrator via the WhiteLabel settings in the SaaS version.
  • Fixed Telegram notifications and Zendesk chat.
  • Portal name cannot be less than 3 characters.
  • DotNetZip library replaced with ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib, AjaxMin library replaced with NUglify.
  • Fixed the bug related with IP Security and Talk vulnerabilities.
  • Removed the ASC.Mail.Autoreply project and service.
  • Removed the log cleaner for NLog.
  • Fixed the AjaxPro and BinaryFormatter vulnerabilities.
  • Redesigned userselector, added avatars.
  • Updated emails about changing email and password.
  • Added a tip on security in the general settings for the server version.
  • Duplicated password entry field.
  • Fixed deprecated methods after updating jquery.
  • In the DNS settings, a custom domain can be added via the request to support for the SaaS version.
  • Added mentions in comments to tasks, email messages, discussions.
  • Added support for deep link: when opening a document in a mobile browser, user can choose if the document should be opened in a browser or in a mobile app.
  • Disabled asp.net sessions in the project.

Documents module

  • Added a new page when opening documents in the Private Room via a web browser.
  • Updated empty files.
  • Added new settings to automatically clean up the Trash folder.
  • Added support of fb2 files for viewing.
  • Added the ability to download xml files with conversion / open for viewing.
  • Added the ability to download text files with conversion to epub, fb2, html, dotx, ott.
  • Added the ability to download spreadsheets with conversion to xltx, ots.
  • Added the ability to download presentations with conversion to potx, otp.
  • Added the ability to download oxps files with conversion to pdf / open for viewing.
  • Added the ability to download oxps files with conversion to pdf / open for viewing.
  • Added the ability to download files with conversion to OOXML with macros (docm, dotm, xlsm, xltm, pptm, potm).
  • When interacting with editors, a file type is processed in incoming requests and is added in outgoing requests.
  • The default About window is displayed in editors in the SaaS version. The logo and advanced branding are transferred to the editors About window in the server version.
  • Added a link to FAQ when connecting Yandex.
  • Fixed the file selection area.
  • Redesigned the Sharing settings window.
  • Added a new feature in the Sharing settings window - Can't print, download and copy file (for Read Only and Comment).
  • Added a new feature in the Sharing settings window - Can't change sharing settings (for Full Access).
  • Added a new feature in Common settings - Default access rights in sharing settings.
  • Added a new section in the Admin settings - Sharing settings.
  • Hidden the Private Room section in the FileChoice, SaveAs dialogs.
  • When converting files, regional settings are transferred.
  • Added missing logs for actions with files and folders, added new api methods for actions.
  • Added the ability to add folders to Favorites.
  • Added support of WebDAV server.

Calendar module

  • Added WYSIWYG CKEditor in the Description field of the event.
  • Connected a new config for the Toolbar.
  • Redesigned the Description column for the List page.
  • Added DOMPurify sanitizer to prevent possible XSS.
  • Added the ability to attach local files and links to files from the Documents module to events.

Projects module

  • Added the ability to drag-and-drop subtasks.
  • Reworked reports: User Activity, Project List, add a time interval.

People module

  • Added Telegram in Contact information.
  • Moved Birthdays from Community to People.
  • Added Birthdays and New employees to Feed.
  • Added the connection list in the profile with the ability to log out.
  • Added the ability for administrators to log out all connections of the certain user.
  • Removed import from Yahoo.
  • Added the ability to create CardDAV address books.

Mail module

  • Added IMAP synchronization for Mail Server.
  • Added the ability to perform Mail Server database backup and restore.
  • Added the ability to request a read receipt.
  • Moved the Aggregator, StorageCleaner and Watchdog mail services from the .Net Framework platform to .NET 6.0.

Control Panel

  • Added the Data Import page that allows to import data from Nextcloud, ownCloud and GoogleWorkspace to ONLYOFFICE Workspace.
  • Moved Elasticsearch to a separate container.
  • Fixed bugs.

Version 11.6

Release date: 01/18/2022

Documents module

  • Added the .docxf and .oform format definition. Own format icons are displayed.
  • Added the ability to download .docx as .docxf. .docxf can be downloaded in the same formats as for .docx and in the .oform format.
  • Added the ability to create an empty .docxf file and to create it on the base of an existing .docx file.
  • Added the ability to create an .oform file from a .docxf file via the context menu.
  • Added the ability to create an .oform file from a .docxf file from the editor specifying a folder.
  • The ability to share a file with the Fill in the form permissions is only available for the .oform files. It's not possible to share encrypted files and files from third-party accounts for form filling. The Form Filling option is not available when sharing an .oform file via an external link.
  • Added the Fill in the form icon in the file list to open an .oform file in the editor.
  • If the .oform file is shared with the Form Filling rights, a copy of the file is created in the My documents section when a user opens the shared file. Filling in the form is performed in this copy and does not affect the original file. If the original file is changed by the owner, its copy will not be up-to-date.
  • If the .oform file is shared with the Full Access rights, filling in the form is performed in the original file.
  • Added sample .docxf and .oform files.
  • For the editor dark theme, the usual logo is transferred so that it displays correctly in the embedded mode.

Version 11.5.3

Release date: 07/20/2021

General portal changes

  • Added a dialog with the editors statistics on Payments page in Control Panel.
  • Added a new slide to the start banner, added the Product Demo item to the Feedback & Support menu for trial SaaS portals.
  • Added the Request training item to the Feedback & Support menu for paid portals (SaaS and Server versions).
  • Added the Live Chat switcher to the Feedback & Support menu for paid portals (SaaS and Server versions). It allows to turn the chat on/off.
  • Added the Email support item to the Feedback & Support menu for paid portals (SaaS and Server versions).

Version 11.5.2

Release date: 06/05/2021

General portal changes

  • Restored the mail migration functionality hidden in the version 11.5.0.
  • Added the text about resetting users' passwords on the Restore settings page, added an email notification about the successful completion of the restoring process.

Documents module

  • Added the ability to select the archiving type in the settings: zip (by default) or tar.gz.

CRM module

  • Moved queue settings to the configuration. 2 streams are allocated for data export.

Version 11.5

Release date: 04/17/2021

General portal changes

  • Added the Zendesk chat display on the Payments page in the SaaS version.
  • Updated the Payments page in the SaaS version. Prices are based on a number of users. The free Startup and paid Business (+trial) payment plans are available.
  • Added the welcome dialog window for the portal owner on the main portal page. The dialog is displayed only once when the owner first enters the portal.
  • Removed the limitation on the amount of portal data when creating a backup.
  • When storing backups to a third party service, chunk loading is now used.
  • The Restore feature is available in the SaaS version if the pricing plan includes this option. In the SaaS version, only the hashed backup file can be restored, i.e. the backup file created in the version 11.5 and later. Removing temporary files when starting a backup.
  • Filter: a tip on the search is enabled in all modules, excepting People and Sample.
  • Fixed calculating the total\current number of full-text search indexes.
  • The full-text search feature is available in the SaaS version if the pricing plan includes this option. Updated ElasticSearch to the version 7.9.
  • Reworked the receipt of data from the payment system for authorized requests in the SaaS version.
  • The LDAP feature is available in the SaaS version if the pricing plan includes this option.
  • Added the temp setting to specify a path for creating temporary files instead of the system Path.GetTempFileName() one, so that the system disk does not overflow.
  • Changed email notifications for the SaaS version and messages about changing an email.
  • Changed the assembly for archiving backup.
  • Reworked the mechanism for working with resource files.
  • All the available languages are enabled in the Personal cloud, reworked the drop-down list of available languages on the start page.
  • The SSO feature is available in the SaaS version if the pricing plan includes this option. The ssoauth service moved from the control panel to portals.
  • Updated the Yandex icons on the user profile page, authorization page and third party service connection settings.
  • Added a checkpoint to the migration page and changed the email notification about the successful completion of the migration.

Documents module

  • Removed the support of the version 5.3 of the editors.
  • Updated the Google Drive icons.
  • Fixed calculating a quote when downloading several files in an archive.
  • Removed transferring the anonymous name to the editor for using the renaming functionality in the versions 6.2, 6.3 of the editors.
  • Added the ability to convert the fb2 files.
  • Files can be shared with guests for viewing only.
  • Removed the button to share a file with a group in the Private Room.
  • Transferring the favorite status of a file to the version 6.3 of the editors. Changing the favorite status from the editors.
  • Signing in JWT the callbackUrl of the editor initialization configuration.
  • Video and audio files are added to start samples in all languages.
  • Archiving and compressing via tar.gz instead of zip when downloading several files.
  • Removed the limitation on the size of files when downloading several files in an archive.
  • The EasyBib and WordPress plugins are not available in the free version of the editors.

Mail module

  • Added the ability to get the connection settings for connecting a mailbox to third-party mail clients and the ability to change passwords for mailboxes created on the Mail Server in the SaaS version.


  • Fixed bugs.

Version 11.1

Release date: 03/10/2021

General portal changes

  • ASC.Web.Studio: the onlyoffice_logo folder renamed to logo.
  • Added a banner for the ONLYOFFICE Projects app in the App Store.
  • Removed the button for downloading a paid invoice on the Payments page (11.0.2).
  • Defining work from the Desktop on the server via userAgent (starting from version 6.1).

Documents module

  • Added Thumbnails view. Thumbnails are not generated for video. Thumbnails are not generated in third-party storages.

Version 11.0.1

Release date: 12/10/2020

General portal changes

  • Using global recaptcha.
  • Removed collection of analytics from the installation.
  • Disabled mini chat.

Bug fixes

  • Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements.

Version 11.0

Release date: 10/14/2020

General portal changes

  • Added the possibility to receive portal notifications via Telegram;
  • Added the possibility to make an addon (Mail, Chat, Calendar) a default portal page;
  • Added the additional license check when replacing ONLYOFFICE in the About this program window;
  • Added the vsyscall check to the installation scripts when installing Mail Server on Debian with kernel 4.18.0 and later;
  • Updated copirights in the source files;
  • Added the possibility to connect the Mail.ru, VK and Yandex applications for authorization;
  • Added new icons and texts in the welcome placeholders of the empty modules;
  • Added icons to context menus;
  • Added two scrolling areas on the page: navigation and content;
  • Reworked the mechanics for displaying messages on the authorization page;
  • Updated Elasticsearch to v.7.4. Added the possibility to rebuild the index.
  • Updated Mono to v.6.8, updated builds, improved performance;
  • Added the file encryption at rest feature for server versions;
  • When requesting the password recovery, it's not possible to check if an email address is used on the portal;
  • It is prohibited to specify the current password when changing a password;
  • Updated minimal password length to 8 characters;
  • The password complexity check is now performed in the client-side browser;
  • Added password hashing with the PBKDF2 algorithm when transmitting passwords to the server;
  • Added the Sign in to domain option on the authorization page for the portals where the LDAP Authentication is enabled;
  • Added a request for subscription to newsletters in the free Community version installation wizard;
  • Control Panel is available in the free Community version with all settings excepting the editors logo replacement;
  • Removed the link to the forum;
  • Added data cleaning before restoring backup;
  • When the license expires, Document Server updates are blocked in the installation;
  • Portals with an expired license and Enterprise portals with a free default license are not blocked;
  • In the free Community version, a block with a proposal to install Enterprise Edition is added;
  • The Payment page redirects to the Control Panel (if it is installed);
  • Added the -it, --installation_type parameter to the installation scripts. The possible values are GROUPS | WORKSPACE | WORKSPACE_ENTERPRISE.

Documents module

  • Changed the note about the mention in the comment pop-up window depending on the ability to provide access to the document;
  • Added the support for the .webp images;
  • Using a new MailMerge API for the editors;
  • Opening the default portal page when clicking to the logo in the upper left corner of the editors interface;
  • Added the possibility to connect kDrive via WebDav;
  • Added the Favorites section, added the ability to add files to favorites via context menu;
  • Added the Recent section;
  • Added translations for the EasyBib and WordPress plugins;
  • Added the possibility to provide the Custom Filter access rights for spreadsheets;
  • Replaced an empty tab with a static page containing the logo when creating a new file;
  • If the DocuSign service is not connected, the instructions are displayed when clicking the Sign with DocuSign context menu option;
  • Added a new Private Room section for the server version only;
  • If an administrator disabled the Allow users to connect third-party storages option, he/she also cannot connect third-party clouds;
  • Added a separate section for quick access to admin settings on the left panel;
  • Added links to download desktop and mobile apps.
  • Added empty files for creation in Japanese (ja-JP).

CRM module

  • Added the Make a VoIP call action in the contact context menu;
  • Removed the unnecessary Quantity field when creating a new invoice item;
  • Added the possibility to enter decimal fractions with two decimal places in the Discount field when creating an invoice.

Mail module

  • Added a new scroll mechanism for the screen width greater than 1200 px.


  • Removed the third-party messengers integration due to the necessity to store user passwords in the explicit form which is not secure.

Control Panel

  • Control Panel is available in the free Community version with all settings excepting the editors logo replacement;
  • Added the vsyscall check to the installation scripts when installing Mail Server on Debian with kernel 4.18.0 and later;
  • Redesign of the navigation menu: added Common and Portal settings sections, added icons to menu items;
  • Added the advanced rebranding page in the Common Settings;
  • Added the possibility to reindex the full-text search;
  • Updated node.js, updated packages (transition to samlify for SSO);
  • Added the Encryption at rest block in the Storage section;
  • Added the Private Room section for the server version only;
  • Added the upgrade page with a proposal to upgrade to Enterprise Edition;
  • Added the activate page with a possibility to upload a license file;
  • Added the HideAuthPage option to the SSO settings to hide the authorization page. When the HideAuthPage option is enabled, an automatic redirect from the authorization page to the SSO service will occur.


  • Added the Sign in to domain option on the authorization page.

Single Sign-on

  • Transition to the new samlify library;
  • Added the HideAuthPage option to the SSO settings to hide the authorization page. When the HideAuthPage option is enabled, an automatic redirect from the authorization page to the SSO service will occur.


  • Improved the Calendar API security;
  • Reworked the authorization method for the CalDAV calendars;
  • Reworked the Radicale plugins for the new version 3.0.

Version 10.5

Release date: 12/17/2019

General portal changes

  • Added new mail messages for portals;
  • Docker installation in the install.sh script is now performed using the script by Docker developers;
  • Added scripts for the installation from DigitalOcean Marketplace;
  • Added the reCAPTCHA verification after N failed attempts to sign in;
  • Sending only 200 emails per day to non-activated email addresses for a SaaS portal during the trial period;
  • Fixed the issue when downloading large files from a Storage, e.g. backup files.

Documents module

New features

  • Added the possibility to open the version and revision history when clicking on the Preview file version icon;
  • Added the possibility to open a file at the position of the previously added bookmark;
  • Added a notification about the conversion when uploading a file that must be converted before it can be opened;
  • Added support for the conversion of the password protected files: the password is now required to open a file that that must be converted before it can be opened;
  • Added the possibility to rename files using the F2 hotkey;
  • Added the possibility for administrators to adjust intermediate revision settings;
  • Added the possibility for users to save intermediate revisions when editing a document by using Ctrl+S or the Save button;
  • Added the button that allows to upload a folder;
  • Added the possibility to mention portal users when adding a comment in an editor. The mentioned user will automatically be granted with read-only access to the file and will receive a notification.


  • Redesigned image/video Viewers;
  • Playback of the avi, mpg and mpeg files up to 100 Mb is now performed by means of the intermediate conversion into the .mp4 format.

Encryption mode

  • When connecting to the portal via the desktop editors interface with the encryption mode enabled, uploading folders as well as uploading with the drag-and-drop method is not available; OOXML documents (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) become encrypted when they are uploaded to the portal or created.

Various changes

  • Minor changes in the file history display.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue when downloading a lot of files added to an archive.

Projects module

New features

  • Added the button that allows to upload a folder;
  • Added the possibility to delete several projects at once.


  • Added the possibility to create custom task statuses.

Various changes

  • Removed the Back button from the interface;
  • Projects are now removed without refreshing the page;
  • The Follow button is now moved to the Actions menu;
  • A complete name is now displayed in the entity profile.

CRM module

  • The png and jpg formats are only available for the CRM contact avatars.

Mail module

  • Added the new email Templates functionality;
  • Added the possibility to Download all attachments as a single archive;
  • Added the possibility to display the last quoted message in a conversation;
  • Added the indication of the mailbox deletion process.

Mail Server

  • Opened the following ports in Dockerfile: 465(SMTPS), 993(IMAPS), 995(POP3S);
  • Disabled the redundant DKIM generation;
  • Removed the reject_unverified_sender key in the Postfix config.

Control Panel

New features

  • Redesigned the Backup module;
  • Added the section that displays all Online Users at the Login History tab;
  • Added the Storage module.


  • Added the possibility to send invitation messages containing the button that allows to go to the portal sign in page and the email activation link when adding users to the portal.


New features

  • Added the synchronization option for calendars from the Other Calendars section.

Various changes

  • Optimized the page display when there are a large number of events in the calendar.

Version 10.0.4

Release date: 08/28/2019

General portal changes

  • The Mono version used is updated to 6.0;
  • The sample module (see the documentation here) is now present in the portal and can be enabled in the portal settings;
  • Fixed various bugs.

Version 10.0.1

Release date: 04/25/2019

Documents module

  • Added the possibility to view AVI, MPEG and MPG files;
  • If the portal has HTTPS enabled, the address of the editors is also checked for the presense of the secure HTTPS connection alternative.

People module

  • Added the restriction for the number of all users (both active and guests) on the portal.

Mail Server

New features

  • Added permanent Fail2Ban ignoreip section for docker containers and its gateway;
  • Added the possibility to create sieve rules for users inside /var/vmail/sieve/;
  • Added new extension to sieve: sieve_extensions -> editheader;
  • Exposed port 4190 for ManageSieve service;
  • Added the possibility to run an external script from the /var/vmail/external.sh or /app/onlyoffice/MailServer/data/external.sh path;
  • Changed the default FIRST_DOMAIN parameter;
  • Replaced the hard-coded password used for the first mailbox with a random one;
  • Removed old useless descriptions for iRedMail administrator console path;
  • Added backticks to the 'CREATE DATABASE' commands;
  • Added the possibility to send mail messages from alias_domain, alias_address and full alias;
  • Added the imapsync command;
  • Added the new Python scripts allowing to create mailboxes, change password and run imapsync batch in /usr/src/iRedMail/tools/scripts folder inside the onlyoffice-mail-server container;
  • Added the Python PIP manager and installation requirements.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the bug with mailbox not being removed when using third level domain (issue: wrong domain regex);
  • Fixed the bug with the Cannot load 1024-bit DH parameters from file /etc/pki/tls/dhparams.pem warning;
  • Fixed the bug with the No such file or directory being shown in many cases;
  • Fixed the bug with the ECHO_INFO: command not found warning.

Version 10.0

Release date: 03/17/2019

General portal changes

For all users

  • Added two-factor authentication using the authentication applications for code generation;
  • Added the page with the list of links for mobile and desktop editor installations.

For administrators

  • Added the possibility to create administrators for the Mail module;
  • Removed SMTP settings from the CRM module and added them to SaaS installations;
  • Added the possibility to connect third-party providers for static data storage and CDN;
  • Added the possibility to backup/restore from the local folder;
  • Added the possibility to backup/restore using mysqldump (for server installations only).


  • Replaced sphinx with Elasticsearch, adding the possibility to search by content in documents, mail and chat messages;
  • Added analytics to the periodic SaaS mail messages;
  • Added the generation of the unique machinekey when installing the Docker containers using script; the key is stored in the /app/onlyoffice/CommunityServer/data/.private hidden folder;
  • Enabled caching using Redis;
  • The thumbnail generation is done via a new service;
  • Added Bearer authentication;
  • Most icons are replaced with SVG format images to enhance their display on high DPI screens;
  • Removed lots of outdated limitations for mobile devices.

Documents module

Sorting and filtering

  • Added sorting of files in all sections, including Shared with me and Project documents;
  • Added descending sorting by modification date by default;
  • The search and sorting results are taken into account when opening images for preview;
  • Added the filtering by media file formats.

Sharing options

  • Added the possibility to share documents for commenting only;
  • Added the possibility to share DOCX files for form filling only;
  • Added the shortening of the link to the people outside portal in the sharing dialog window by user request only;
  • Removed the possibility to rename files and add comments for guests.

Various changes

  • Added support for the new request signing to the document editing service (with JWT in request body);
  • Updated the file/folder selection and moving using the mouse;
  • Added the viewers for video and audio files;
  • Added the display of the date in the file name when opening not the latest file version for viewing;
  • When sending the file by mail from the Documents module, a draft is created with the file attached.

Upcoming changes (will be available with the release of Document Server v5.3)

  • Added the possibility to Save as the documents to the portal from editors;
  • Added the possibility to insert the images from the document manager to the editors;

Server installations

  • Added the search by the document title and content;
  • Enhanced the checks of the connection to the editors settings;
  • Added the possibility to upload the license file after the support and updates period end.

Projects module


  • When creating a milestone the project manager is selected by default instead of the first person on the list;
  • Added the loader when performing the group actions;
  • Added a separate filter for the No milestone tasks;
  • Added the milestone icon and deadline date for the tasks with no deadline belonging to a milestone;
  • Fixed the display of the number of project team in the common list;
  • Replaced the autosuggest input with the advancedSelector for the project creation dialog;
  • The order of tasks/milestones is now saved when creating a project.


  • Added the report generation using document builder service;
  • Added the setting to select the report storage place;
  • Added the page with the list of the generated reports.


  • Added the possibility to edit the documents when editing discussions;
  • Added the possibility to attach documents when creating discussions;
  • Updated the dialog with file selection to attach it to the task or discussion.

CRM module

  • The list export uses a separate thread with progress display.

People module

  • Updated the user avatar generation;
  • Optimized the work with user list for a large number of users;
  • Added the wizard for the mass user import;
  • Updated the loading and parsing of CSV file, added the possibility to map the user fields manually;
  • Updated the user editing interface available before adding them to the portal;
  • Added the counters of the users ready for importing and import progress;
  • Added the possibility to import files previously exported from various sources (Google, Yahoo or Thunderbird) as a CSV file;
  • Added the possibility to create the email address at the domain connected to the Mail Server;
  • Added the possibility to set the temporary password for portal access manually.

Mail module

User folders

  • Added a separate page to create, edit and move/delete the user folders;
  • Added the link for faster user folder creation;
  • Added the modal window to create/edit user folders with the possibility to select their nesting within each other;
  • Added drag'n'drop for mail messages and folders;
  • Added the new Move to button to move mail messages to folders;
  • Added the possibility to quickly select several mail messages using the mouse;
  • Added the indication for the unread mail messages in the user folders;
  • When the folder is deleted all the mail messages from it will be moved to the trash.


  • Changed the tags popup, now it is optimized for tablet devices.

User filters/rules

  • Added the new user filters/rules option for faster actions with mail messages;
  • Added the new page for filters display, where it is possible to change the filter order, enable and disable them, apply to existing messages, edit/delete the filters;
  • Added the new page for filter creation and editing, where it is possible to add filter name and trigger rules and actions, list the messages fitting the filter, apply the filter to existing messages.

Notification request

  • Added the request for delivery/read notification option when creating a mail message.


  • Updated the file selection dialog when attaching the file to the mail message;
  • Server code refactoring and optimization;
  • Replaced the Log4net logging system with NLog;
  • Replaced the sanitizer with the third-party DOMPurify XSS sanitizer;
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.

Mail Server

  • Code refactoring and optimization to speed up the Mail Server settings page opening;
  • Redesigned the wizard for domain connection in installations (four steps instead of five);
  • Added the possibility to connect third-party clients (for server installations only);
  • Added new Connection settings context menu option to show common connections settings (for server installations only);
  • Added new Change password context menu option to change password by administrator (for server installations only);
  • Added the possibility for the user to change the password and see the connection settings for the Mail Server mailbox (for server installations only);
  • Added the possibility to send the mail messages when creating boxes on Mail Server and when changing passwords (for server installations only);
  • Redesigned modal windows and lists in them;
  • Added the warning when the server uses self-signed certificates.


  • Redesigned the calendar;
  • Added the possibility to create, delete, edit tasks from the list and from the calendar grid;
  • Updated Ical.Net to the latest version;
  • Added the possibility to sync new calendars via CalDAV protocol (for the calendars from My calendars section added after update to Community Server version 10.0 only);
  • Fixed the problem with daylight saving.


  • Removed the possibility to set a status;
  • Fixed the problem with reconnections of several chat tabs open;
  • Added the reconnection when the connection is lost, when exiting the sleep mode;
  • Added the restoring of the previously opened chat tabs;
  • Added the restoring and display of the unread messages when opening the chat;
  • In web version only opened chat tabs are marked read, this is done to allow reading the unread messages on other devices.

Control Panel


  • Added more fields mapped for the users loaded via LDAP: user photo, birthday, contacts, primary phone number;
  • Added the setting to autosync LDAP on schedule;
  • Added the possibility to give administrator rights to the user group at the portal via LDAP;
  • Updated the rules for LDAP users.

Version 9.6.4

Release date: 10/31/2018

General portal changes

  • Now the user skin is used when the portals are opened from desktop;
  • Fixed opening the authentication page (including personal.onlyoffice.com) from desktop.

Documents module

  • Development of the file encryption based on the blockchain technology.

Version 9.6.3

Release date: 07/25/2018

General portal changes

  • Added the More languages option which appears at the bottom of the available languages list; when clicked it will trigger the popup with the invitation to take part in the translation;
  • Added the new advertisement for Twilio.

Mail module

  • Fixed the mechanism of mail service logging rotation.


  • Fixed the God service hanging due to the previous logging updates.

Version 9.6.2

Release date: 07/09/2018

General portal changes

  • Twilio service is now used by default for the portal two-factor authentication instead of clickatel;
  • Added the possibility to subscribe to and unsubscribe from email messages and phone calls;
  • ONLYOFFICE Personal now allows to delete accounts;
  • Added limit to 2 GB storage space for ONLYOFFICE Personal;
  • New users loaded using LDAP/SSO now must confirm their email addresses by default.

Documents module

  • Fixed the bug with the plugin opening in the OpenSource editor versions;
  • Fixed the issue with the file opening if it was copied or moved overwriting the existing one.


  • Changes concerning Google Analytics service.

Version 9.6.1

Release date: 04/07/2018

General portal changes

  • Fixed the issue with the portal notifications not sent with the selected SMTP settings via the installed ONLYOFFICE Mail Server under Mono (the problem with the self-signed certificates);
  • When entering the phone number +1 characters now detect US and +7 detect Russia;
  • Two-factor authentication is now enabled when the portal is created (even for the trial period).

Documents module

  • Fixed the issue with downloading the file shared with the people outside the portal;
  • Fixed the issue with moving the file with the help of the context menu.

Control Panel


  • Fixed the Server internal error error when using the groups enclosed inside each other in the AD (bug #37414).

Single Sign-on

  • Fixed the issue when the user data between the Service Provider and the portal was transferred via HTTP only, even when HTTPS was enabled.

Version 9.6.0

Release date: 03/15/2018

General portal changes

  • Added the progress and notification to the portal administrator when reassigning or deleting the data for the disabled users;
  • Added the text message sending to the Americas for the two-factor authentication;
  • Added the authentication verification when opening the links to the SaaS files;
  • Replaced the service.teamlab.com with the service.onlyoffice.com domain when authorizing via social networks.

Documents module

  • Added the Document Server connection option using two addresses: for the internal and external requests;
  • Document editing status is now obtained via the SocketIO service;
  • Added the option to remove the confirmation for moving the elements to the recycle bin;
  • Fixed the error which occurred when trying to open files and folders with non-Latin characters in their names using WebDav in Chrome v.63;
  • Added the plugin to publish the documents in WordPress;
  • Added the plugin to create bibliographic lists with the help of EasyBib.

Mail module

  • Sped up opening the list of unread messages clicking the icon in the portal header;
  • Fixed the bug when Office 365 account could not be connected to the Mail module (bug #36820).


  • Fixed the incorrect text field display when using smiley (bug #36548).

Control Panel


  • Fixed the bug when the account of the user added via LDAP could not be connected in third-party clients (bug #26073);
  • Fixed the bug when users which are members of the groups with not allowed characters could not pass LDAP authorization (bug #36891);
  • Fixed the Internal Server Error error when updating the users having NULL values in their location or title fields.


  • Optimized the work with database: dramatically reduced the number of the created connections.

Version 9.5.4

Release date: 01/13/2018

General portal changes

  • Fixed the bug with the display of the logo at the authorization and white labeling pages;
  • Fixed the link to the support for the Latvian language.

Control Panel

Single Sign-on

  • Fixed the Invalid ssoConfig error which occurred when the link to the IdP contained the question mark '?', e.g.: IdP Single Sign-On Endpoint URL: https://accounts.google.com/o/saml2/idp?idpid=777777;
  • Fixed the Invalid authentication token error which prevented from adding a user to the portal using the AD FS, in case the + or - characters were present when sending the encrypted data.

Version 9.5.3

Release date: 12/23/2017

General portal changes

  • Fixed the request to get the mail messages from the Mail module when making a backup.

Projects module

  • Fixed the bug with the reports and the reassignment of the closed subtasks.

Mail module

  • Fixed the deletion of the mail data when deleting a user.

Control Panel


  • Fixed the bug occurring in the enclosed groups, when the users were displayed not in all groups.

Version 9.5.2

Release date: 12/15/2017

General portal changes

  • Edited the notification message received by the administrator in six months after trial starts;
  • Added the tip for the Remember field for the portal authorization;
  • Added the CustomNavigation setting to allow inserting own links to the portal navigation.

CRM module

  • Fixed the bug when the reports were generated in the portal language, not the user selected one;
  • Fixed the bug with currency settings, so that all the currencies were shown not only the convertable ones;
  • Added the currency to the report headings, number format for the currencies;
  • Added the possibility to set the fractional values for the taxes.

Mail module

  • Added the possibility to migrate data from MS Exchange to ONLYOFFICE;
  • Added links to the articles describing the migration from MS Exchange to ONLYOFFICE (available in Docker version only).

Control Panel


  • Added the changelog for Control Panel and link to it;
  • Fixed the bug when JWT parameters were not sent when updating Document Server(bug #36270);
  • Fixed the bug when Audit Trail heading was present at the login history page (bug #36026);
  • The current machine is now checked for being linked with the domain name for multiple portals.


  • Fixed the bug with the LDAP Domain not found error which occurred if the DN record had no DC records (the users with Sun/Oracle DS were affected); now if the LDAP domain could not be specified, the LDAP domain will acquire the unknown value or the ldap.domain value from the web.appsettings.config configuration file;
  • Fixed the bug with the Sizelimit Exceeded error when trying to get more than 1000 users from the Active Directory;
  • Increased the login speed with the Group Membership setting enabled;
  • Added additional logging;
  • Fixed the bug with LDAP operation hanging when using Mono v5.2.0 and older;
  • Fixed the bug with the error when trying to login using the email address entered in the fields different from the Mail Attribute.


  • Fixed the bug when the file removal window could be closed on the second try only (bug #36492);
  • Fixed the bug with the new message counter in the portal header being updated with the whole page reloading only (bug #36144).



  • Fixed the domain parameter sending when getting promotions;
  • Renamed the CookieSettings setting and set the default value to 1 day;
  • The session cookie is now set only if the CookieSettings is disabled.

Installation script

  • Added different installation scenarios for Docker under Debian for Wheezy, Jessie and Stretch releases;
  • Added the apt-get update command before installing curl;
  • Added the access right change for the onlyoffice.cnf file.

Version 9.5.0

Release date: 11/02/2017

General portal changes

  • Added the contact import from the third-party services;
  • Added the option to connect your Yahoo application for the contact import;
  • Added the option to connect your Clickatell, SMSC applications to enable the SMS on the portals, Twilio service is now also used to send SMS;
  • Added the disk statistics used by the Talk module;
  • Added data reassigment (tasks, projects, contacts, documents) from the disabled user to others;
  • Added the possibility to delete the data (mail messages, mailboxes, documents) when deleting the disabled user;
  • Added new tips to all modules.

Documents module

  • The connection of OneDrive file storage is now using the official SDK, not the outdated SharpBox library;
  • Fixed the error with the filter not cleared when changing the folder.

Projects module

  • Added an option to set access rights to the team when creating a private project;
  • The Gantt Chart button is moved to the menu;
  • Added the tag display on the project description page;
  • The notifications are now sent for the active projects only;
  • Added the possibility to give all the users the rights to create projects (disabled by default);
  • Added the possibility to select the start section for every user (Tasks by default);
  • Added the possibility to hide the contents of the paused projects (enabled by default);
  • Added the group Delete, Close and Move actions for the tasks, the group Delete action for milestones;
  • Added the possibility to select the filtered list items using checkbox.

CRM module

  • Added the CRM Reports section;
  • Changed the settings item for the default currency;
  • Added the settings item for the currency exchange rate;
  • Fixed the CRM SMTP work on port 465 (due to the MailKit use).

Control Panel


  • Added the documentserver-prepare4shutdown.sh launch when updating the document-server for the correct edited document saving.


  • Dramatically changed LDAP integration, migrated to the single library for the work with LDAP (Novell.Directory.Ldap.NETStandard, Nuget, MIT);
  • Login and email are now split into two separate fields;
  • Added the support for big data;
  • Increased the work speed via the LDAP protocol (the connection to the server and receiving the data is now made once per session, added the limits when only a certain number of results is necessary, fixed the slow login for bit data, removed the sorting out used to find the SID parameter);
  • Fixed the user re-creation issue;
  • Fixed the duplicate username issue;
  • Fixed the already existing email issue;
  • Replaced the LDAP user deletion with account deactivation (for further data migration and data safety);
  • Instead of re-creating a user with an unknown SID but an existing email the data is updated;
  • Added the attempt to save the correct UserName/Login in case a similar one is already taken on the portal.

Single Sign-on

  • Added the AD FS support;
  • Replaced the Single Sign-on link at the authorization page with the customizable button, added the button customization to the SSO setting of the Control Panel.


  • Added the option to delete the uploaded files;
  • Changed the Talk interface design.


  • Replaced Unity with Autofac;
  • Replaced SignalR with SocketIO, enabled mini-chat, VoIP and counter updates;
  • Updated the ckeditor version to 4.7.2;
  • Replaced the portal warmup with precompiling.

Version 9.1.0

Release date: 07/03/2017

Documents module

  • Changed the group selection mechanism when selecting folder elements with mouse cursor;
  • Optimized My Documents, Project Documents folders and generally optimized all requests.

Control Panel

  • Added the support of letsencrypt service for the domain certificate generation;
  • Added the new sso.auth service (written in Node.js) and the new SSO settings page; now SSO supports Shibboleth.


  • Interface redesign;
  • Added the notifications about the incoming Talk messages when its window is closed.


  • Portals migrated to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2.

Version 9.0

Release date: 04/08/2017

General portal changes

  • Updated the authorization keys page for the third-party services connection;
  • Allow to add administrator to the People module;
  • Added the possibility to make payment page visible to portal administrators only.

Documents module

  • Changed work with DropBox so that it used official SDK instead of SharpBox;
  • Added the option to change the file author using the context menu or the sharing dialog window;
  • Added the possibility to get the notification about mail merge end to the Talk;
  • Added the possibility to subscribe to/unsubscribe from the notification about mail merge end;
  • Changed the order of and grouped the actions in the context menu;
  • Added the possibility to overwrite, create copy or skip files when copying or moving them creates conflict situation;
  • Added the possibility to use the @#$%&;' characters in the file name;
  • When creating a new file, a blank file is used as the first revision;
  • Added the user profile display when hovering the cursor over the user name in the sharing dialog window and in the file history;
  • Added the option to restore the file revisions or editing changes when watching the history within the editors;
  • Added the possibility to rename the file when editing it withing the editors;
  • Added the integration with DocuSign;
  • Fixed the sharing button highlighting when it was shared by other user;
  • Redesigned the sharing menu and dialog window.

Projects module

  • Added the possibility to create the task copy and move it;
  • Added the possibility to create the subtask copy;
  • Now the task list is opened automatically if there is at least one open task in it;
  • Redesigned the page with the tasks and discussions description;
  • Some pages are visited without the page reload;
  • Many controls were moved to templates;
  • General optimizition and refactoring of the Projects module.

CRM module

  • Added IP-telephony integration based on Twilio.

Mail module

  • Added the new General Settings option in the module settings which allows to set the messages grouping, always display images from all users, cache the unread messages in the Inbox folder and go to the next unread message after moving/deleting the current message;
  • Added the Cancel button (the cross in the upper right corner) to the mail composition form;
  • The module work is fixed and sped up when working with big data.


  • jQuery was updated to use version 3.1;
  • The support for IE 8 and earlier versions is discontinued;
  • Added ApiSystem service fuctionality for the hosted solutions;
  • Some scripts (jQuery, jQuery.BlockUI, Magnific.Popap, jquery.mousewheel) are not included into the project and are loaded from nuget;
  • Fixed authorization problems with Twitter;
  • Copying to buffer now uses HTML5;
  • Added the mechanism for the preliminary bundle assembly;
  • Added gzip-compression for the client script and the bundle saved to the disk.

Version 8.9.2

Release date: 12/05/2016

Portal settings & Control Panel


  • Added LDAP synchronization for users and groups when saving the settings, after login and using the Sync button;
  • Changed email formation for LDAP users;
  • Fixed the problem of creation of users with invalid emails;
  • Fixed the problem of duplicate users;
  • Added icons and hints to the users in the list for the admin;
  • Blocked for editing the user profile fields imported using LDAP;
  • Added the real LDAP password saving to the database during login in case LDAP Auth is disabled, now the LDAP users will become common portal users when LDAP Auth is disabled;
  • Added new API Settings method - Sync LDAP;
  • Added new translations;
  • Bug fixes.

Control Panel for Windows

  • Made changes at the Update page for the Control Panel for Windows;
  • Updates are performed using the downloaded installation packages for each module.
  • The current installed component version numbers are obtained via API request to the Community Server.
  • The new versions available for download are obtained via the request to the https://download.onlyoffice.com/install/windows/updates.txt file, where all the latest component version numbers and links for their download are stored in the JSON format.

Documents module

  • Added support for the history of changes which has a new format in document editing service (Document Server versions later than 4.1.5);
  • Added support for plugin connection.

Mail Server

Connection Settings

  • Added page to the Settings for the integration of Community Server with Mail Server.

Installation Script

  • Fixed the error shown if the mail domain is not specified, now Mail Server will not be installed if this is the case;
  • Fixed the installation of the latest Docker version;
  • Removed chmod 777 to the created folders;
  • Added hardware checks (40Gb HDD space, ~6Gb RAM, 2 Core Processor) and 6Gb swap creation;
  • The components are installed via network by default;

Version 8.8

Release date: 03/09/2016

General portal changes

  • New mail notification templates;
  • Changed old SaaS notification mail texts and added new mail messages;
  • Added new mail messages for Enterprise Edition;
  • Fixed mail notification placeholders for the whitelabel texts;
  • Added the currency selector at the pricing page;
  • Enabled browser spellcheck in ckeditor

Documents module

  • Disabled support for Document Server with version earlier than 3.0.
  • If the Upload the documents in original format as well option is disabled, the uploaded converted file is placed not as a separate new file, but as a new revision of the original file;
  • Box storage service is connected using secure connection with oAuth 2.0 authorization.
  • Added sharing of documents in DOCX format for review.

Calendar module

  • Changes to the quick event creation window;
  • Added event details window;
  • Added the page for the event advanced creation/editing;
  • Added selection of event organizer;
  • Event guests emails are checked for correctness, the CRM contacts, address book contacts and portal user list are used to autosearch guests;
  • Added email notifications to the event guests when event is created or changed;
  • Added event export into .ics format.

Mail module

Address book

  • Added new address book, which includes contacts from portal users, CRM and user personal contacts.

Mail and Calendar modules integration

  • Added integration of Mail module with Calendar module using the iCalendar open source format as described in RFC 5545 specification;
  • The mail messages containing iCalendar format are detected automatically with the ASC.Mail.Aggregator service, can be added to custom filters;
  • Details of the event found in mail can be viewed, added to the Calendar module automatically or manually;
  • Added the possibility to send invitations to the events from the Calendar module, reply to the invitations sent from third-party calendar software, notify the event guests about the changes or cancellation of events.

Mail autoreply

  • Added mail autoreplying option with the settings in the Mail module at the Account page;
  • Mail autoreply can be quickly set up and disabled/enabled on demand.

Mail address control

  • Updated the control to enter mail addresses to enable the email and contact search among People, CRM, user personal contacts, mail accounts and frequently contacted recepients;
  • Added keyboard shortcut support and better interaction with mouse and keyboard.

Mail and CRM and Documents modules integration

  • Added an option to create a CRM contact directly from the mail message linking the current mail thread to the new contact history;
  • Added a new contect menu allowing to select a folder in the Documents module to save the message attachment.

Mail Server settings

  • Redesigned Mail Server settings page.

Version 8.6

Release date: 08/02/2015

General portal changes

  • Added white label options for paid portals;
  • Added the possibility to resize left menu panel in all portal modules.

Documents module

  • Added version history view in the editors;
  • The search is conducted both in the folder and all subfolders.

Mail module

  • Added the possibility to print mail messages;
  • Added the possibility to select the mail box on own domain to send notifications inside portal;
  • Various code optimizations.

Portal backup

  • Changed the archive format from .zip to .tar.gz;
  • Removed limitations for the backup file from the Community Server installation, the SaaS version now has the limit of 10 GB for backups.

Version 8.5

Release date: 03/26/2015

General portal changes

  • News, unread chat messages and mail messages counters are now updated without the page reloading in all the tabs (via Signalr);
  • Changed pricing plans at the pricing page.

Documents module

  • Added support for the folder upload via drag-n-drop in Google Chrome retaining the whole folder inner structure.

Mail module

Mail Server

  • Mail Server first release, now the mail boxes can be created for the onlyoffice.com, onlyoffice.eu and onlyoffice.sg domains.

Mail client

  • Better synchronization of the client using SignalR (folder state update, message list update, sending notifications, tab synchronization);
  • Updated the recepients list filtering;
  • Added the selection for the default mail box, which is now offered as first mail address when writing a mail message;
  • Added the possibility to add links to the portal documents as mail attachments;
  • Optimized work of mail aggregator and stability of work under Mono;
  • Optimized styles for filter, dashboard and popups.


  • (Server version only) Added the support of the web.max-upload-size parameter to the configuration file, which allows to set the limit for the size of the files uploaded to Talk (1 MB by default).

Version 8.1

Release date: 02/24/2015

General portal changes

  • Public portals are available now for trial and nonprofit portals.

Documents module

  • Added new supported third-party document storages (OneDrive for Business via SharePoint connection, Yandex.Disk, OwnCloud and other third-party services which use WebDav protocol for connection);
  • Updated work with GoogleDrive, now the connection is made via OAuth 2.0 protocol and work with Google API is performed via GoogleDrive SDK;
  • When portal administrator enters the Documents module, the window offering to select the document editors version (2.5 or 3.0) is shown, if this has not been done before.

Mail module

  • Mail Server is out for beta testing in EU region.


  • A temporary storage for backup files is selected by default;
  • Added the possibility of automatic backup creation;
  • Added the possibility to backup Mail module data.

Version 8.0

Release date: 11/19/2014

General portal changes


  • TeamLab is now officially rebranded to ONLYOFFICE;
  • Redesigned menus, added loaders and page views for the modules without any content.

Public portals

  • When using a free of charge portal a new option is available in Settings > Security > Portal Access > Portal Access Settings allowing to make the portal available to the people who are not registered there.

Unregistered users

  • Added access rights for the unregistered portal users.


  • Link to the videos is moved from the top menu to the left navigation menu;
  • Removed videos from the welcome page.

Documents module

  • Added integration with OneDrive for Business.

Projects module

  • Added the possibility to select a project template at the project creation page;
  • Added the possibility to add milestones and tasks during the project creation.

Community module

  • Changes to the dashboard empty page.


  • Added the possibility to select the storage for the created backup (temporary storage is selected by default);
  • Added the possibility to select the backup which will be used to restore the portal.

Version 7.7

Release date: 06/23/2014



  • Added the possibility to upload a certificate in the .pfx format with the required password at the settings page.


  • Added the new page to the portal settings, which has the following options: Alerts (showing the ports necessary for TeamLab Office correct work), Services (displaying the list of Windows services necessary for the Feed and Mail module work), Logs (allowing to collect all the server logs in a single .zip archive file which can be sent to our support), and the button allowing to reset all cache and rebuild script files, if necessary.

Version 7.6

Release date: 04/15/2014

General portal changes

  • Mini-chat embedded into the left panel is displayed on all portal pages;
  • Added integration with LDAP/Active Directory;
  • Added two factor authentication option using SMS service;
  • Old controls were replaced by new ones in People, Projects, CRM modules and the portal Settings;
  • Replaced old loaders, icons, information panels everywhere on the portals.

Documents module

  • Added revisions to the document version history with the possibility to add comments to each revision;
  • Added the possibility to block the document file for changes;
  • Made SharePoint as a third-party provider to access Box, DropBox, GoogleDrive and Skydrive storages;
  • Added possibility to share several files at once selecting them simultaneously and using the corresponding context menu option.

Projects module

  • Updated the Gantt charts to version 2.0 adding the possibility to display several projects at the same chart and allowing to select the options to be displayed on the chart;
  • Removed reloading the page when switching among the Projects module main tabs (Projects, Tasks, Milestones, Discussions, and Time tracking);
  • Added pagination ot the time tracking tab;
  • The errors and some successful actions are no notified via toaster.

CRM module

  • Added invoicing to the CRM module;
  • Removed reloading the page when switching among the CRM module main tabs (Contacts, Tasks, Opportunities, etc).

Mail module

  • Added the possibility to automatically attach signature templates to mail messages;
  • Added the option to save attachments to the selected folder in the Documents module;
  • Added the possibility to send CRM module invoices via Mail module, attaching them to the mail message;
  • Changes to the mail thread detection;
  • Fixed work with non-latin characters in attachment name;
  • Fixed work with images and files embedded into the mail message body;
  • Enhanced work with the context menu;
  • Enhanced collapsing the quotation in the reply message;
  • The Mail module interface was redesigned to follow the other module guidelines.

Version 7.5

Release date: 09/06/2013

General portal changes

Portal redesign

  • Portal minimal width changed to 1024 pixels;
  • Added the new setting to change the portal color scheme.

Portal transfer to another region

  • Changed the work of the portal transfer to another region mechanism;
  • Added the possibility to fill the portal with demo content.

Documents module

  • If the user has full access rights to the document, the sharing button will be present at the document information tab.

Projects module

  • Added the possibility to use Gantt charts with the Projects module.

CRM module

  • Changed the available sorting list depending on the filter used;
  • Removed the Set permissions group action from the contact list;
  • Added the Create new task group action to the contact list;
  • The contact types are renamed into Contact warmth;
  • Added new Contact type option;
  • Changed the way the the contact manager is appointed;
  • Added the possibility to change Contact warmth and add tags to a group of contacts;
  • Added the pagination instead of the Show more button;
  • Improved integration with the Mail module;
  • Enhanced automatization and refactoring.

Version 7.4.1

Release date: 05/15/2013

General portal changes

  • When a user joins the portal via an invitation link, the email address used to do that will not be activated automatically and will require conscious actions from the user side;
  • The email address used for registration on the portal will be automatically activated only when registering via social networks.

Documents module

  • A portal guest can only open the document for viewing if the document author gave such access rights to him/her.

CRM module

  • Added sorting by date to CRM module.

Version 7.4

Release date: 04/25/2013

General portal changes

  • Added the possibility to move the portal to another region, which will be closer to the portal users location;
  • Added tips when the user accesses the portal for the first time;
  • Added the icon for video guides in the header menu;
  • Added the links to the support to the left side menu.

Documents module

  • Updated the document loader in the Documents module and the Project documents section of the Projects module.

Projects module

  • Added new statuses in the time tracking section;
  • Added the new task start time field, the time will be also displayed at the task detail page;
  • Added the possibility to sort the tasks by the start time;
  • Added the setting to manage access rights to the contacts of a private project;
  • Updated the filter of the task responsible users;
  • Removed the outdated styles from the reports;
  • Changed the way the blocked users are displayed in the project team;
  • No project access rights are displayed for the disabled users in private projects;
  • Changed the list of available options in the menu for all users;
  • The guests do not have any access to the project team.

People module

  • Added a new user role - guest users (users with limited access and content creation rights);
  • Added new filters by user role (user, guest) and by status (active, disabled and pending);
  • Added group operations with users (changing the roles for several users at once);
  • Added a birthday icon;
  • Changed the user profile and subscriptions page (moved it to a separate page, added the possibility to change photo, display the user status, birthday icon).

Community module

  • Moved user birthdays to a separate page;
  • Now all the users will be subscribed to other users birthdays by default;
  • Guest user birthdays are neither displayed or generate notifications about.

If you want to connect ONLYOFFICE Docs to the ONLYOFFICE Groups portal installed on your local or remote server, you will need to alter configuration files both on the computer with ONLYOFFICE Groups and ONLYOFFICE Docs installed. So please first make sure you have administrator access to both machines.

ONLYOFFICE Docs and ONLYOFFICE Groups must be installed on two different machines.

What and how must be changed

Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs to ONLYOFFICE Groups requires changing some connection strings either in the ONLYOFFICE Groups portal interface at the Settings page or in the configuration files. There are the following addresses used by ONLYOFFICE Docs which must be introduced into ONLYOFFICE Groups configuration so that they became connected:

  • http://documentserver/ - for the user access
  • http://documentserver/ - for the ONLYOFFICE Groups access
  • http://communityserver/ - for the ONLYOFFICE Docs access

In case you plan to use both ONLYOFFICE Docs and ONLYOFFICE Groups on your local network and the users will be accessing them using local network only, it is okay to change these addresses the following way:

  • http://documentserver-localaddress/ - for the user access
  • http://documentserver-localaddress/ - for the ONLYOFFICE Groups access
  • http://communityserver-localaddress/ - for the ONLYOFFICE Docs access

But if you plan to access the servers from outside (using the Internet connection), the below rules must be followed:

  • The first address is used by ONLYOFFICE Docs API service and, in case the editors are accessed from the Internet, the public DNS address must be used with it, as it will communicate not only with ONLYOFFICE Groups machine but also with the user computer.
  • The second and the third addresses are used to solely route the communication between the two servers (Docs and Groups), and do not require any Internet connection, so it is safe to use the local network addresses here in case both computers are in the same local network even if ONLYOFFICE Docs and/or ONLYOFFICE Groups is planned to be accessed from other computers via the Internet.
  • If ONLYOFFICE Groups and ONLYOFFICE Docs are located in different networks and the editors need to be accessed via the Internet, you can specify the first address only. The value of the second will be that of the first field and the third will be taken from the browser address bar.

The steps below will explain where to find these addresses in different ONLYOFFICE Groups versions.

Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs to ONLYOFFICE Groups

Normally, to connect ONLYOFFICE Docs to ONLYOFFICE Groups version 8.1 and later you only need to set up connection parameters in portal settings. To do that:

  1. Go to the portal Settings and select the Integration -> Document Service section.
  2. Fill in all the fields with the appropriate ONLYOFFICE Docs/ONLYOFFICE Groups addresses.
    • If your ONLYOFFICE Docs/ONLYOFFICE Groups installations are not switched to https, please, make sure that you specify http in the addresses.
  3. Save the settings by clicking the Save button.
Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs to ONLYOFFICE Groups Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs to ONLYOFFICE Groups
Starting from ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.2, JWT is enabled by default and the secret key is generated automatically. You need to specify the JWT parameters in the ONLYOFFICE Groups configuration file as well. For more details, see the Configuring JWT section of this article.

ONLYOFFICE Docs and ONLYOFFICE Groups version compatibility table

Please note, that not all ONLYOFFICE Groups and ONLYOFFICE Docs versions can be connected to each other. In case you have ONLYOFFICE Groups version incompatible with the current ONLYOFFICE Docs version or vice versa, please consider upgrading to the latest versions or at least to the nearest compatible ones.

The table below shows which server versions can be connected to each other without any problems:

ONLYOFFICE Docs version
7.4 7.3 7.2 7.1 7.0 6.4 6.3 6.2 6.1 6.0 5.5 5.4 5.3 5.2 5.1 5.0
ONLYOFFICE Community Server version 12.5
10.0.1 – 11.0
9.0 – 9.1
View the older ONLYOFFICE Groups and ONLYOFFICE Docs versions compatibility table
No stable work of the incompatible versions can be guaranteed and we strongly recommend that you update your installations to the latest available versions for correct work.

Editing configuration files for ONLYOFFICE Groups

In case this does not work or you are using ONLYOFFICE Community Server earlier than version 8.1 and you are sure that the ONLYOFFICE Groups version is compatible with the ONLYOFFICE Docs version you are trying to connect (please consult the table above to see if that is so), you will need to perform the actions below, editing the configuration files.

First of all you need to alter the web.appsettings.config file which can be found in the c:\Program Files\Ascensio System SIA\onlyoffice\WebStudio\ folder of the ONLYOFFICE Groups computer. Open it with a text editor and add the following lines (or change these lines accordingly, in case they are already present):

<add key="files.docservice.viewed-docs" value=".pptx|.ppsx|.pptt|.ppt|.pps|.odp|.gslides|.xlsx|.xlst|.xls|.ods|.gsheet|.csv|.docx|.doct|.doc|.odt|.gdoc|.txt|.rtf|.mht|.html|.htm|.fb2|.epub|.pdf|.djvu|.xps"/>
<add key="files.docservice.edited-docs" value=".pptx|.ppsx|.pptt|.ppt|.pps|.odp|.xlsx|.xlst|.xls|.ods|.csv|.docx|.doct|.doc|.odt|.txt|.rtf|.mht|.html|.htm|.fb2|.epub"/>
<add key="files.docservice.convert-docs" value=".ppt|.pps|.odp|.xls|.ods|.doc|.odt|.rtf|.mht|.html|.htm"/>
<add key="files.docservice.coauthor-docs" value=".pptx|.pptt|.xlsx|.xlst|.docx|.doct"/>
<add key="files.docservice.url.public" value="http://documentserver/" />
<add key="files.docservice.url.internal" value="http://documentserver/" />
<add key="files.docservice.url.portal" value="http://communityserver/" />

Where documentserver and communityserver are the addresses of the computers with ONLYOFFICE Docs and ONLYOFFICE Groups installed.

These lines must be inserted between the <add key="files.uploader.chunk-size" value="5242880" /> and <add key="resources.from-db" value="true" /> lines.

If you are trying to connect ONLYOFFICE Docs to ONLYOFFICE Community Server version earlier than 8.5, you will need to add two additional lines to your web.appsettings.config file:
<add key="files.docservice.new" value=".xlsx|.xlst|.xls|.ods|.gsheet|.csv|.docx|.doct|.doc|.odt|.gdoc|.txt|.rtf|.mht|.html|.htm|.fb2|.epub|.pdf|.djvu|.xps"/>
<add key="files.docservice.url.apinew" value="http://documentserver/coauthoring/CommandService.ashx"/>

You will also need to run the SQL script for proper work (for ONLYOFFICE Docs 3.0 and higher):

INSERT INTO `webstudio_settings` (`TenantID`, `ID`, `UserID`, `Data`) VALUES (-1, 'a3acbfc4-155b-4ea8-8367-bbc586319553', '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000', '{"NewScheme":true,"RequestedScheme":true}');

For ONLYOFFICE Docs 2.5 the following SQL script must be run (without running the above script!):

DELETE FROM `webstudio_settings` WHERE `ID`='a3acbfc4-155b-4ea8-8367-bbc586319553';

Configuring JWT

To protect documents from unauthorized access, ONLYOFFICE editors use the JSON Web Token (JWT). The token is added in the configuration when the Document Editor is initialized and during the exchange of commands between inner ONLYOFFICE Docs services. The secret key is used to sign the JSON web token and validate the token upon the request to ONLYOFFICE Docs. The JWT header defines the HTTP header that will be used to send the JSON web token.

Starting from ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.2, JWT is enabled by default and the secret key is generated automatically. You need to find your secret key and JWT header in the ONLYOFFICE Docs configuration file, then specify the same values in the ONLYOFFICE Groups configuration file.

Step 1: Find your secret key and JWT header in the ONLYOFFICE Docs configuration file

Open the local.json file which can be found at the following path:

  • For Linux - /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/local.json
  • For Windows - %ProgramFiles%\ONLYOFFICE\DocumentServer\config\local.json

Find the secret key value in the following strings:

  • services.CoAuthoring.secret.inbox.string
  • services.CoAuthoring.secret.outbox.string
  • services.CoAuthoring.secret.session.string

Find the JWT header value in the following strings:

  • services.CoAuthoring.token.inbox.header
  • services.CoAuthoring.token.outbox.header

Step 2: Specify your secret key and JWT header in the ONLYOFFICE Groups configuration file

Open the WebStuido/web.appsettings.config file with any available text editor.

Edit the following keys by specifying the secret key and JWT header values:

<add key="files.docservice.secret" value="your_key" />
<add key="files.docservice.secret.header" value="your_header" />

Restart the site.

Editing configuration files for ONLYOFFICE Docs

Next the web.config file need to be altered. It can be found in the c:\Program Files\Ascensio System SIA\ONLYOFFICE Online Editors\DocService\ folder of the ONLYOFFICE Docs computer. Open it with a text editor and add the following lines (or change these lines accordingly, in case they are already present):

<add key="editor.settings.coauthoring.url" value="http://documentserver:8000" />
<add key="editor.settings.spellchecker.url" value="http://documentserver:8080" />

Where documentserver is the address of the computer with ONLYOFFICE Docs installed.

Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs 2.5 to ONLYOFFICE Community Server 7.7 and earlier


To connect ONLYOFFICE Docs 2.5 to the computer with ONLYOFFICE Community Server 7.7 and earlier installed, you need to only edit the web.appsettings.config file from the WebStudio folder of the ONLYOFFICE Community Server computer. Open it with a text editor and add the following lines (or change these lines accordingly, in case they are already present):

<add key="files.docservice.url.converter" value="http://documentserver/ConvertService.ashx"/>
<add key="files.docservice.url.api" value="http://documentserver/OfficeWeb/apps/api/documents/api.js"/>
<add key="files.docservice.url.storage" value="http://documentserver/FileUploader.ashx"/>

These are the addresses for the conversion service, editing service and storage service accordingly used with ONLYOFFICE Docs 2.5.

You do not need to change anything else, including altering the web.config file for ONLYOFFICE Docs.

How to install ONLYOFFICE Docs and connect it to ONLYOFFICE Groups on Windows
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