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Installing ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors on Zorin OS


Desktop Editors is an application that allows to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations stored on your computer in the offline mode. It’s also possible to connect Desktop Editors to your cloud and edit documents collaboratively.

You can install Desktop Editors by using the installation package depending on the Linux version installed on your computer (download the required package here) or by compiling it for Ubuntu as per the corresponding guide.

The easier and faster option for Zorin OS is by using the Zorin OS Software Store as per the following guide.

Installing ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors via Zorin OS Software Store

  1. Go to the Zorin menu and click Software.
  2. Find ONLYOFFICE among recommended apps or using search.
  3. Click Install.
    Install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors Install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors
  4. Find ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors in the Office category of the menu.

Running ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

To run ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, find the ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors icon and double-click it.

Run ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors Run ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

Uninstalling ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

  1. Go to the Zorin menu and click Software.
  2. Find ONLYOFFICE among installed apps or using search.
  3. Click Remove.
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