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ONLYOFFICE DocSpace changelog

Version 1.1.1

Release date: 07/27/2023


  • Added SMTP Settings to the `Integration` section of the DocSpace Settings.
  • Added support for the Community and Enterprise versions of the server solution (DocSpace installations, API methods for billing). Added Enterprise Wizard, Enterprise Payments Page, Trial Enterprise Payments Page, Community Wizard.
  • Added the Bonus page for the Community version. The page offers to get free access to the Enterprise solution for 30 days.
  • Hidden the `DocSpace deletion` section of the DocSpace settings in the interface of the server solution. This section will be necessary if several portals are created using the Multitenancy feature. Current version does not include the Multitenancy feature.
  • Hidden the `Finalize version` menu item from the context menu. Revisions are no longer available. Changed design of the version history. It’s no longer possible to change versions by clicking on the badge. Added the `Open` menu item to the context menu of the version history.
  • Added the drop-down list with permissions in the user list.
  • Added the warning that the file is being edited when trying to perform actions on the file.
  • Added support for Armenian language.
  • Removed the ability to sort files by `Author`, `Creation date`, `Type`, `Room` in the file list.
  • Replaced the icon for the Rooms section in the left-side menu.
  • Replaced the icon for switching to the Rooms section on the empty page in the Archive section.
  • Simplified the list of settings available for admins and power users in the `Settings` section of the left-side menu.
  • Added the ability to send a report about an error (in the SaaS version only).
  • Reworked the `Developer Tools` section of the DocSpace Settings.
  • Improved JS SDK. Adjusted initialization mechanisms, added multiinstanceness. Extended the list of available methods for working with a portal. Updated the configuration file. Added the ability to work with callbacks.
  • Added crossing box for selection in the Accounts section.
  • Improved the `Session Lifetime` setting: fixed work of session login, added validation in the settings input, added error handling. When this setting is enabled, the `Remember me` checkbox will be hidden on the login page.
  • Added the `apiDocsLink` parameter to `SettingsStore` for references to
  • Added the advertising block with the ability to send a message to in the `Integration` -> `Third-party services` section.
  • Added the advertising page with a button to go to in the `Developer tools` section.
  • Added the `/accounts/changeOwner` path for opening the dialog window which allows to change the owner in the app for iOS.
  • Hidden the `Search by file contents` option when filtering files for the Startup tariff (in the SaaS version. This feature is only available for the paid Business plan only).
  • Added the `Account login type` option (SSO, Standard login) when filtering accounts in the Accounts section.
  • Fixed a bug when files/folders were not deleted.
  • File thumbnails are no longer counted in the quota.
  • Added support for the `Strict-Transport-Security`, `X-Content-Type-Options`, `SameSite` security headers.
  • Optimization of getting a file list.
  • Optimization of uploading files.
  • A link to the payment system replaced with a handler to avoid issues with caching.
  • The `Lifetime session` setting is a day by default.
  • Fixed work of the `Remember me` button.
  • Added a banner for downloading applications.
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