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Writing documentation

If you have some tips and tricks on working with ONLYOFFICE, or can’t find information on using some features, then ONLYOFFICE invites you to become a collaborator and write documentation. By writing new articles, blog posts, tutorials, and video scripts in English, you will help other people learn more about ONLYOFFICE.

The ONLYOFFICE team believes that any hard work should be fairly rewarded, hence there is a reward system for collaborators.

To take part, submit your request at

Participation requirements

Anyone can make a contribution to the ONLYOFFICE documentation. We especially welcome contributions by ONLYOFFICE users. The only requirement is having a good knowledge of English. If you meet this requirement, we’d love to collaborate with you as soon as possible!

Publication process

The publication process can be described as apply, write, revise and publish:

  1. Apply: Apply to the program with your topic idea. All applications should be submitted at
    If you are in need of inspiration, take a look at the list of topics to write about.
  2. Write: If your topic is approved, it is time to write.
  3. Revise: Submit your first draft and collaborate with a member of our team to revise your work.
  4. Publish: After revisions, we will send your reward and publish your content.

Contribution rewards

Since any hard work should be rewarded, by contributing to the ONLYOFFICE project you can get:

  • a free ONLYOFFICE cloud with no user limitations and 2 GB of storage;
  • a discount for ONLYOFFICE self-hosted solutions;
  • free ONLYOFFICE Home Server.
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