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In der cloud testen

Switching your ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Enterprise to HTTPS for the Windows version


When you install ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Enterprise on Windows, you can use the service and script to easily create a CA-signed certificate and switch the portal to HTTPS with a single command.

The article below will explain this can be done.

Creating and installing CA-signed certificate

You need PowerShell version 5.1 or later installed on your computer.

Run Windows PowerShell as administrator. By default, PowerShell is installed at the following path:


In the PowerShell console, go to the \sbin\ directory. To do that, use the following command:

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ascensio System SIA\DocSpace\sbin"

Run the following script:

./docspace-ssl-setup.ps1 EMAIL DOMAIN


  • EMAIL is the email used for registration and recovery contact.

    Use comma to register multiple emails, for example:, User emails must be enclosed in quotes.

    Example of a command to run the script:

    ./docspace-ssl-setup.ps1 "EMAIL1,EMAIL2" DOMAIN
  • DOMAIN is the address of the domain where your ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Enterprise portal is installed.
Check A records for your domain (e.g. using the ping command), otherwise the certificate will not be issued.

The script will create and install the CA-signed certificate to your server.

Now your portal should be available via the https:// address.

A task of automatic certificate prolongation will be added to the task scheduler. You will not need to re-run the script when the certificate expires.

Using own certificates

You can use your own certificates via the -f parameter:

./docspace-ssl-setup.ps1 -f CERTIFICATE PRIVATEKEY


  • CERTIFICATE is the path to the certificate file for the domain.
  • PRIVATEKEY is the path to the private key file for the certificate.

Now your portal should be available via the https:// address.

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