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In der cloud testen
In der cloud testen

Switching your ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Enterprise to HTTPS when installing from RPM/DEB packages


When you install ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Enterprise from RPM/DEB packages, you can use the service and script to easily create a CA-signed certificate and switch the portal to HTTPS with a single command.

The article below will explain this can be done.

Creating and installing CA-signed certificate

Run the following script:

bash /usr/bin/docspace-ssl-setup EMAIL DOMAIN


  • EMAIL is the email used for registration and recovery contact. Use comma to register multiple emails, for example:,
  • DOMAIN is the address of the domain where your ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Enterprise portal is installed.

The script will automatically create and install the CA-signed certificate to your server and restart the NGINX service for the changes to take effect.

Now your portal should be available via the https:// address.

Using own certificates

You can use your own certificates via the -f parameter:

bash /usr/bin/docspace-ssl-setup -f CERTIFICATE PRIVATEKEY


  • CERTIFICATE is the path to the certificate file for the domain.
  • PRIVATEKEY is the path to the private key file for the certificate.

Now your portal should be available via the https:// address.

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