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Adjusting Temperature levels


Need to specify or even change the default temperature levels you can use to characterize your potential customers and navigate through the contact list easier? Read this tip on how to do that.

The default temperature levels offered within the CRM module are cold, warm, hot and mean the contacts' willingness to purchase your product. You can edit them adding a description to each level and specifying their meaning or delete them all and add your own temperature levels. See the instructions below.

Bare Bones Instructions

To add your own temperature levels, please follow the easy steps below:

  1. Enter your portal using your login details.
  2. Click the CRM link on the start page.
  3. Click the Settings option at the left-side panel, then choose Contact settings section and click the Contact Temperature Levels item.
  4. Press the New temperature level button.
  5. A new window will open introducing the form you need to fill in. Select a color for your new temperature level, enter its title, add its description for your colleagues to know which contacts can be assigned to this level, and press the Save button.

The newly created temperature level will be added to the list. Here you can change the order of existing temperature levels by dragging them.

Helpful Hints

How to edit or delete a temperature level?

To edit or delete a temperature level, click the 'Settings' option, then choose 'Contact settings' section and click the 'Temperature levels' item, find the needed temperature level, press the Actions icon icon next to it and choose the Edit temperature level or Delete temperature level option.

Please bear in mind that you can edit or delete a temperature level only in case there are no contacts belonging to this level yet. Once a contact is created and assigned to the level, you won't be able to edit or delete this temperature level.

How to easier navigate through the contact list using the temperature level?

If the majority of your contacts in the contact list is assigned to a certain temperature level, it's much easier to navigate through your contacts sorting them by temperature level. For this purpose click the 'Contacts' option at the left-side panel within the CRM module and select the 'Temperature Level' option from the 'Sort by' list in the right upper corner.

You can also use the filter bar clicking the plus icon, selecting the 'Temperature level' option from the list and then choosing one of the available levels:

  • after choosing the Cold option, all contacts where a temperature level is specified will be shown in the list;
  • after choosing the Warm option, all contacts with the warm and hot temperature levels will be shown in the list;
  • after choosing the Hot option, all contacts with the hot temperature level will be shown in the list.

How to change the current temperature level?

Click the 'Contacts' option at the left-side panel within the CRM module, find and click the needed contact in the list to open it. You will see its current level next to the photo. You can change the current temperature level by dragging the indicator to the right or left assigning the contact to another level in this way.

You can change temperature level for several somehow connected contacts at once. For example if you want to change temperature level for a company you'll be offered to change temperature levels for all the company employees represented in your contact list. You can apply this function clicking the appropriate button or, if you are not likely to use it and don't want to see this message again, choose the 'Settings' option then open the 'Temperature levels' page and check the 'Do not show the Linking Contacts dialog again' box.

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