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Support of SmartArt in ONLYOFFICE Document Editor

SmartArt graphics are used to create a visual representation of a hierarchical structure by choosing a layout that fits best. ONLYOFFICE Document Editor supports SmartArt graphics that were inserted using third-party editors. You can open a file containing SmartArt and edit it as a graphic object using the available editing tools. Once you click a SmartArt graphic or its element, the following tabs become active on the right sidebar to customize a layout:

Paragraph settings to configure indents and spacing, line and page breaks, borders and fill, fonts, tabs and paddings. See Paragraph Formatting section for a detailed description of every option. This tab becomes active for SmartArt elements only

Shape settings to configure the shapes used on a layout. You can change shapes, edit the fill, the lines, the weights and arrows, the text box and the alternative text.

Text Art settings to configure the Text Art style that is used in a SmartArt graphic to highlight the text. You can change the Text Art template, the fill type, color and opacity, the line size, color and type. This tab becomes active for SmartArt elements only.

Right-click the SmartArt graphic or its element border to access the following formatting options:

SmartArt Menu

Wrapping style to define the way the object is positioned relative to the text. The Wrapping Style option is available only when you click the SmartArt graphic border.

Rotate to choose the rotation direction for the selected element on a SmartArt graphic: Rotate 90° Clockwise, Rotate 90° Counterclockwise.The Rotate option becomes active for SmartArt elements only

Insert Caption to label a SmartArt graphic element for reference.

Shape Advanced Settings to access additional shape formatting options.

Right-click the SmartArt graphic element to access the following text formatting options:

SmartArt Menu

Vertical Alignment to choose the text alignment inside the selected SmartArt element: Align Top, Align Middle, Align Bottom.

Text Direction to choose the text direction inside the selected SmartArt element: Horizontal, Rotate Text Down, Rotate Text Up.

Paragraph Advanced Settings to access additional paragraph formatting options.

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